America Has Gone 100% Tard as Supreme Court Justice Uses “Dr Seuss” in Judicial Argument

by John Galt February 25, 2015 20:25 ET First of all, it is Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, thus explaining the reference to the continuing downward spiral of jurisprudence and logic within America’s legal community and the absolute dumbing down of our society. I had to clear the air with that first before quoting the story from The Washington Times tonight: Supreme Court Justice Kagan uses Dr. Seuss in case argument While I realize the voter base for the current regime in power is somewhat diminished in their mental capacity to…

Oh Mr. Internet, How We the Libertarians are going to Miss You (Videos)

by John Galt February 25, 2015 19:35 ET Well, the stoners in Colorado, Washington State, etc. will miss Mr. Internet also. I mean where else can you get great video entertainment like this while taking a dump on ISIS? Of course Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams, they can’t WAIT for the blogging community to be banned if not sent to a shower in a camp somewhere. And yup, he made a 25 minute long compilation too! Ah well, we’ll all have to get our license to make content like that, or…

In Protest of Net Neutrality, we should have a Black Friday protest on February 27, 2015

by John Galt February 25, 2015 17:05 ET If you come to JohnGaltFLA.com and see the following on Friday, please do not freak out if you see the following: (click to see image at full size) Spread the word and let’s see if we can get everyone who believes in freedom to participate. It’s only a start but with both political parties allied on this issue, it is doubtful we can do much beyond praying the hackers shut the whole damned system down first before they fully implement their vile program.

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