Middle East News Video Purports to show Aftermath of US Airdrop to ISIS in Libya

by John Galt
March 3, 2015 19:55 ET

With the interesting accusations flying around the Middle East of British planes, be they subcontractors or various intelligence agencies of the US, or whomever dropping supplies to ISIS and other forces in the Middle East, this disturbing video from Libyan Televison purports to show the results of an airdrop attempt to resupply Islamic State forces in Libya from the US government. As my Arabic is very rusty, I can only determine that this was a report from Libya but what network and a time frame of some time in mid-February of this year. What should be most disconcerting is the fact that there is a strong possibility that the US government is resupplying ISIS forces to fight against pro-Egyptian and other tribal forces which wish to impose a more moderate, democratic government in this nation versus the pro-Al Qaeda/ISIS regime currently recognized for the purposes of re-starting oil exports.

I shall leave it to my readers to watch and decide for themselves as I can not 100% verify the accusations made in the video…



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