The Grand Wussification of America Continues as Protests Erupt over Facebook Emoticons

by John Galt
March 9, 2015 17:50 ET

Before I start this article in full with all the gruesome details, let us all pray:

Dear Lord, I know I’m not going to win the Powerball to escape my fate.
I accept the fact that my luck is unfortunate as to reside in a nation with a Kenyan Marxist and a drooling bunch of idiots as our national leaders.
Thus, please oh Lord, accept my humble prayers,
To bring the Electromagnetic Pulse from the sun and shut down our modern society,
So I can  say more prayers to you, read some good books, and no longer have to listen to these whiny morons that infest this land.


Now that the EMP prayer has been said, let us move forward the wussification story of the day courtesy of the National Review Online:

Saying You’re ‘Feeling Fat’ Is Offensive, Use ‘Feeling Bloated’ Instead

Yes, seriously.


There are individuals, some 15,568 mindless morons with no spine or are too ugly and fat to be viewed in public who have signed a petition to guess what? That’s right, change the emoticons on Facebook to less offensive meanings than currently in use now. From the article linked above:

Tens of thousands of activists are demanding that Facebook remove the “feeling fat” and “feeling ugly” emoticons from their status-update options because those phrases are perceived as making fun of people with eating disorders and endorsing “self-destructive thoughts.” “When Facebook users set their status to “feeling fat,” they are making fun of people who consider themselves to be overweight, which can include many people with eating disorders,” states a recent petition, written by Catherine Weingarten of the Endangered Bodies initiative. “That is not ok.”

Endangered Bodies initiative; What the F……?

It gets worse however:

Weingarten suggested that Facebook change the option to “feeling bloated,” according to an article on Value Walk.

Ah, so these people are fat asses who eat too much and when they require industrial sized recliners with a 500 lb. capacity to sit in and chat on Facebook all day on the taxpayer dole because they get Social Security Disability along their other over-sized lard assed friends, they feel offended because they really feel bloated even though it’s the Cheetos dust on their keyboard causing them to use another emoticon by mistake so as not to offend their fat ass friends.

But it gets even worse:

“Having these word choices completely normalises using derogatory descriptive terms in the place of real feelings,” states Guzelian’s petition, which also has more than 15,000 signatures. “How can a person feel ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ when these aren’t actually feelings?”

Have these people seen Rosie O’Donnell on The View? That is both feeling fat and ugly, however these words, which do not have to be used by any of these fat, ugly people must be banned or revised because fat ugly people say so! Thus with 15,568 Facebook users out of just over 1 billion (this does not subtract the 500 million plus bot accounts however) it means the percentages are somewhat small and thus Facebook is refusing to change anything thus far.

May I suggest my favorite emoticon that I like to share for the petitioners to use freely.

Enjoy your butthurt:


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