70 Million Americans Could Lose their Jobs in the Next 10 years

by John Galt March 15, 2015 22:00 ET The smartest individuals in American capitalism are hiding a secret in plain sight, yet nobody of consequence wishes to address them about the future they are planning. One of the most amazing, and insightful beginnings to a book was written by Martin Ford in The Lights in the Tunnel: What if technology progresses to the point where a substantial fraction of the jobs now performed by people are instead performed autonomously by machines or computers? Is that likely, or even possible? And if…

03.15 20:00 ET – Oil is Crashing and Burning like an Obama Rail Tanker Car

by John Galt March 15, 2015 20:00 ET Chart presented courtesy of FinViz.com as the real driving force in this decline is still being ignored by the financial propaganda, er, mainstream media: This would be a good time to build the Keystone pipeline because all of those railroad tank cars sitting on the Taggart Comet’s line may go boom like those who went long WTI at $50 thinking it was the bottom.

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