America’s Long National Nightmare may Continue in 2016: Bush v. Gore Part 2

by John Galt
March 16, 2015 19:05 ET

First and foremost, if my audience is squeamish or the reader happens to have a weak constitution, I highly advise that one grabs an air sickness bag or suitable bucket to capture the meal consumed most recently. Why? Because there is a building possibility of this happening in the Presidential Election of 2016:


Yes America, we may get a chance to revisit the nightmare known as Bush v. Gore 2000 with Other Bush v. Gore 2016. In fact the Christian Science Monitor along with other liberal rags are already mentioning his name as an alternative to the collapsing quasi-campaign of Witchy-Poo, aka, Hillary Clinton:

Al Gore for president. Does he have a chance?

From the article above:

The former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential nominee is headed to Iowa in May for a climate change event, and these days, that’s all it takes to fuel speculation that he may be considering another presidential run.

At least, according to Ezra Klein, formerly of The Washington Post and one of the founding editors of who, over the weekend, made the case for Mr. Gore in 2016.

Sadly, from the perverted perspective of the American Commie-Lib, this is 100% logical; especially since Hillary represents everything the extreme left despises:

Big Wall Street
Big Globalism
Big Militarism
Big Arab
and of course
Big Sex Pervert/Intern/Woman Abusers (Bill)

If they want to have a prayer, they would probably resort to putting crazy Joe Biden back into the Delaware hall closet where he can scream obscenities about his least favorite Pakistani making his coffee wrong at the local convenience store and Elizabeth Warren can stay looking providential and above the fray as she searches for ways to genetically implant Cherokee Indian DNA into her bloodstream.

Think that’s bad America?

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Enter into the fray the strong possibility that the consultant-insider-Karl Rove wing of the Republicrat Party nominates the second biggest steaming pile since the last Bush v. Gore election in 2000.

That’s right, the other Bush, Jeb the Mediocre, as we called him in Florida.

His conservative credentials are excellent as he has appeared on Fox News every chance he has had when invited by Mr. Rove. Add in the fact that he favors illegal immigrants, enjoys the idea of “free trade” where American corporations get tax incentives to ship jobs overseas, and loves Common Core where the chuldren are taught that 9-11 was not really a terrorist attack but an attempt to open up a new series of 9th floor and above 7-11 type stores so we should learn to tolerate and enjoy Sharia and Saudi Wahhabi ideals.


Hopefully the bases of both parties wake up, but I doubt it. The average Republican voter is so ignorant it is frightening. Worse, the average Democrat Party member thinks that Monica Lewinsky was a Republican spy designed to sabotage the Clinton’s and all those dead bodies were planted by conservative Secret Service agents around the Clinton’s to make them look bad.

The reality is that if this is the ticket in 2016, I have only one bit of advice for my fellow citizens:

Run like hell and learn everything you can about Ecuador or Panama.

Where capitalism has at least an itty-bitty chance of flourishing in the upcoming technological revolution.

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