Saddam Obama Goes off the Deep End: Supports Mandatory Voting in US Elections

by John Galt March 18, 2015 20:05 ET Saddam Hussein Obama, the Emperor and current President of the United States has officially gone off the deep end. No, it’s not a requirement that all inner city kids drop midnight basketball and be forced to learn golf. It’s worse. He’s supporting the idea of “mandatory voting” for United States citizens in national elections. From David Boyer in the Washington Times tonight: Obama calls for mandatory voting in U.S. President Obama, whose party was trounced in last year’s midterm election due to poor…

OMG, Funniest Summary of the Faux Gluten Free Millennials EVER

by John Galt March 18, 2015 17:50 ET This dude nails what I’ve witnessed at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and damned near everywhere with the millennials and their “I’ve got that too” or “Me too feel sorry for me” new age behavior promoted by the liberals and Marxists who control this nation. Thank you for this awesome video, JP Sears:   For those people who are really sick not the hypochondriac “me too” crowd, you have my sympathy. Everyone else can take that and their Obamacare and go to hell.

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