Iran to get Nukes, Israel Angry, and Yemen being Invaded; Guess Where Obama is Going?

by John Galt
March 26, 2015 19:40 ET

While Michelle Obama is in Southeast Asia destroying what relationships we have with our remaining allies in that region:

Cambodian prime minister criticizes Michelle Obama visit

MICHELLE_OBAMA_WOOKIE_DANCEjgflaAh well, maybe it was her dance moves.

The Emperor of the United States (EATUS) decided that after this stressful week of doing nothing but finding new ways to destroy the Constitution that he needed a break. After all, selling out America’s only ally in the Middle East which just happens to be the only democracy in the region, all but promising the mullahs and Ayatollah in Iran that they too can have nukes for their terrorists, and finding new ways to screw Saudi Arabia while letting another “success story” in Yemen deteriorate into full blown civil war has to be exhausting.


You guessed it my readers, he’s coming to Florida for some golf.

From the Washington Times:

The president takes another golf weekend

Just a brief bulletin, then we’ll move right along. Time to fire up Air Force, because President Obama is off to the Treasure Coast of Florida this weekend, specifically Palm City. The local press is attentive, reporting that Mr. Obama will play a few rounds at the Floridian National Golf Club. Yeah, well. Rather than prattle on about the cost of operating Air Force One ($206,000 an hour), here’s the description of the course, just for the heck of it.

“This stunning, yet formidable Par 71 will certainly impress. At 7,114 yards, the 18-hole course offers perfectly manicured rolling fairways and greens, demanding hazards, breathtaking views of the St. Lucie River, and is surrounded by natural preserve and native wildlife.

It gets better. According to the officially unofficial tracking website,, the Emperor has now played:


After this weekend it’s 220 or 221. His score should still match the North Korean Dear Leader’s in the 18 to 24 range for 18 holes. After all, would you dare question his scoring system?

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