04.13.15 Ukraine Civil War Update: All Hell is Breaking loose with Heavy Fighting around Donetsk (Videos)

by John Galt
April 13, 2015 20:50 ET

Armored vehicles in downtown Donetsk:

Near Peski:

Just outside the Donetsk Airport:

Night battle-Sands Spartak Airport:

Anti-aircraft fire from Pro-Russian forces at Ukrainian drone over city of Donetsk:

Night battle near Spartak/Donetsk Airport:

News and eyewitness reports have been pouring in about Ukrainian and NAF fighting all along the LOC (Line of Control) which appears to indicate the ceasefire is all but over:


Also reports about the continuing fight for Peski Northwest of Donetsk which apparently has been ongoing for over 12 hours now:

041315_DONBAS_PISKY_ATTACK_jgfla 041315_DONBAS_TWEET2_jgfla041315_DONBAS_TWEET3_jgfla

Meanwhile, reports of a second front (or third if Donetsk is about to be hit with an armored assault) near Spartak appears to have been confirmed but the battle is still in doubt:

041315_DONBAS_SPARTAK_ATTACK_jgfla 041315_DONBAS_TWEET4_jgfla

The following are various news reports about the battle from pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian news websites, all translated via Google:

Via Pravdanews.info in the Donbas:

Battle for Sands: “Not one step back!”

April 13, 2015, thirty past ten p.m

Despite early reports of army surrender DNR village Sands, fights for him continues.

We got in touch with a representative of the battalion “Vostok”. Here’s what he said in his short message: “We leave all there on the sand. Even the headquarters … After half an hour and I am broken. But kipish terrible. “East” their positions did not leave! This disinformation! Stand to the last! We ordered 227 – “Not one step back.”

From the pro-Donbas website NewsSpotok about the Piski battle:

Sands of fierce fighting, “East” surrounded, the militia brought up tube artillery

Sands – the latest news on 13.04.15:

In the village of fierce fighting, Sands is not dealt, but the battalion “Vostok” surrounded, BCH pulled tube artillery and reinforcements.
Official message from the “Vostok” battalion, “despite reports to surrender the Army of the Republic of Donetsk Sand, continuing fierce battles for the town.
All go in the sand, even the headquarters of the DNI. Kipish terrible, but the order – “Not one step back.” Stand up to the last, unequal fights go and Spartacus, “East” and is surrounded requested reinforcements. “

The battalion is an unequal battle with the security forces and sent a request for reinforcements. It is reported that he will arrive at any minute. Returned to the position of cannon artillery.
Militia report: “We will not surrender Sands! We will stand on the death! Now embattled lists all units. “

Colonel Cassad’s blog updates the fighting around Donetsk tonight:


Zhuchkovsky reports of heavy fighting in the region of Donetsk. ( Turn )

“The bad news at the end of the day. In the morning Ukrainians supported by artillery and tanks have become powerfully emphasize on the outskirts of Donetsk, the main fighting in the district of Sand and Spartacus. At the moment, our APU knocked out of sand and took full control of the village. Fights District Spartacus not cease, “East” has left here the position of the enemy unit restrains “Givi” (with the current trend it will also have to move). We bear heavy losses. The probability of a breakthrough in the suburbs of Donetsk is big enough. “

Apparently fighting near Donetsk begin to turn into intense fighting, where the junta is already trying to solve tactical problems. The fact is this the beginning of a new phase of the war expected to be clear tomorrow. The probability of this is very significant. According Zhuchkovskogo – junta and so almost entirely controlled Sands after the winter fighting, and after yesterday moved out of our neytralke towards the airport, today seems to have tried to solve the task of establishing full control over the sand, where the cries were heard yesterday punishers that our artillery was laying them out there. On Spartacus until our stay, the junta failed to take the village. In general, the battles are really very hard, there is now our difficult. 93th mechanized brigade was not just appear. Reports From “Voices of Sevastopol” 20:58 Residents of Donetsk told “Voice of Sevastopol”, that in the evening on April 13 increased the intensity of the shelling of the city by the Ukrainian security services. As of 20:30 was under fire district nitrogen. In the sky above the Hospital. Kalinin, neighborhoods and Nitrogen Textilschik seen Ukrainian drones.

Over the sand visible flares, there is a possibility of massive bombardment of Donetsk at night. 20:27 heard a series of explosions on the northern outskirts of the city of Donetsk, allegedly pro – Donetsk airport, reports from the scene correspondent of RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Defense DNR attributes this fact to the next provocation part of Ukraine. During April 13 (04:00 to 17:30), Ukrainian security forces fired 82 times the position of the People’s Militia LC: 16 times out of tanks, armored fighting vehicles of 12 times, 22 times out of mortars, grenade launchers 9 times out of 18 times from memory, anti-tank, anti-tank systems and Cannons “Rapier” and 5 times of the ACS and howitzers. Shooting battles were fought on April 13 on all fronts in the LC. Ukrainian military made ​​four attacks during the day: two were produced near the 29th checkpoint, one – in Holy Trinity, one – under Popasnaya. In the 29th checkpoint first attack was carried out by the company with the support of up to three infantry fighting vehicles and one tank, the second attack moved Ukrainian platoon supported by two BMP.

Sally security forces to positions at Trinity militia, capping position at the Red Plowman, was made ​​up by the platoon with 4 BMP. Under Popasnaya positions were attacked by militia platoon and 3 APCs. All security forces repulsed the attack Ukrainian militia. On April 13, in the sky above the LC 15 were seen Ukrainian zinc Novorossia first operational Operational 04.13.2015, 20:32. Donetsk in the sand seen fire. Operational 13.04.2015, 20:24. Above the city Donetsk seen several UAVs. Request to all noticed the direction of motion, the place hang BLLA inform the group or the channel of the same name Zell. LC: The fighting between security forces and militias are all along the line of contact “for the day, starting with 4.00, security forces fire on positions of the People’s Militia 82 times, including 16 (time) of the tanks, 22 (times) mortar and five times from ACS (self-propelled artillery) and howitzers “- quoted by RIA” Novosti “. In addition, the day LC militia repelled four attacks security forces – two in the so-called 29th checkpoint in the western region, and around villages and Popasnaya Trinity. According to the People’s Militia, security forces have lost three men killed and 12 wounded, and several units equipment, including three armored personnel carriers and two tanks. “Our losses – seven wounded, four tanks and two armored personnel carriers and two infantry fighting vehicles were damaged,” – said at the headquarters of the People’s Militia LC. “It is also prevented six attempted sabotage and reconnaissance groups of security forces to cross the front” – added to the staff. Earlier Monday, the militia reported that security forces near Donetsk went on the offensive. Supporters DNR suffered losses and retreated from positions near the villages of Sand and Spartacus. Until then, the militia reported that during the battle near Donetsk airport was captured Ukrainian soldier.

Also there is information that a part of group “Motorola” appeared under Shirokino. Apparently will solve the problems of stripping the western suburbs Shirokino. PS2. If it goes on like this, likely tomorrow will have to renew online broadcast of hostilities. In fact, my prediction about the beginning of hostilities in April comes true, although much joy on this occasion not. Those who are now fighting on the frontline near Donetsk and other parts of the front of courage and perseverance.


Meanwhile, other news sources continue to report on the intensity of the fighting; from the Russian domestic Pravda:

Ukrainians tonight tried to north-east fall Donetsk: Sands resort is on fire

Donetsk – Ukrainians are tonight and tried to tanks, supported by artillery, break in Donetsk. The attack was carried out in the area of ​​the village Spartak and sand. Counsel Donetsk, from the “Vostok” and “Somali”, they managed to maintain their positions.


Russian media say that the most severely hit by artillery industrial complex in the northeast of Donetsk where there are nitrogen and textile conglomerate. The eastern part of Donetsk flew over the Ukrainian drones and reporters that occur in the sand still raging fires.

Lastly from UA-RU.info, a vague bit of information about the battles ongoing around the village of Spartak:

Punitive militia repulsed the attack of the village. Spartacus

Punishers continue to attempt to break into the territory of the Donetsk airport and capture positions in the village. Spartacus. One of the roadblocks militia first took the brunt of the enemy – there are victims.

In the battle with the two sides went heavy machinery. Punisher used all kinds of weapons, except jet. Mercenary battalions and 93 Brigade APU, received on the eve of completion, are active offensive operations in the area.

Lastly, from the Russian Interfax news service:

Defense Ministry accused the Ukrainian military DNR to use heavy artillery near Donetsk

April 13, 2015 23:48

Moscow. April 13. INTERFAX.RU – The Defense Ministry of breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic accuse Ukrainian soldiers in the use of heavy artillery near Donetsk, said on Monday Donetsk News Agency

“According to our data, the Ukrainian security forces continue to bombard our position vigorously from all kinds of weapons. In particular, used heavy artillery. Fires on the part of the village experienced, which is controlled by Ukrainian security services” – the ministry said.

In the Defense Ministry also denied the information that the position of the militia driven out of the village Sands, and there is the threat of a breakthrough. “These data do not support” – the ministry said.

According to the agency, gunfire could be heard in all parts of Donetsk.
Based on the initial reports of the conflict around Donetsk and the mysterious lack of information about the fighting around Mariupol, it would appear that the entire war is ramping up again, and Russian/Pro-Russian forces will have to respond with overwhelming force to bring this to an end or risk Western involvement of some sort.

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