The Obama Domestic Army at Work: Alachua County, FL Deputies in Armored Car Pull man over for Flipping Bird

by John Galt
April 13, 2015 19:20 ET

Good thing the US military sold all those armored cars using DHS subsidies to local police departments and sheriffs for things like domestic terrorist threats and Islamic radicals, right? Uh, no. From my home state the unbelievable story and video of a man being pulled over by one of those new armored vehicles for the terrorist act of flipping the bird. From the Ocala Star Banner:

Alachua County’s armored vehicle makes traffic stop after driver flips the bird

The video is incredible as he was pulled over for an “improper hand signal” to a police officer:


Unfreaking believable.

They accused the driver of his girlfriend providing Mr. Jewell head because she was sleeping on his lap. His exasperation in the video demonstrates just how far down the road of a police state we have gone.

Alachua County should be proud. The worst part of the story? Here ya go from the link above:

Eighth Circuit State Attorney Bill Cervone said he has never heard of any investigation spurred by someone who made a rude hand gesture.

“I’m not aware of any case or criminal infraction that would constitute,” Cervone said. He added later, “There are some constitutional free speech issues involved here.”

Jewell’s video was posted to the website, Truth Voice, and it includes his explanation that he gestured at the ASO vehicle because he does not approve of having a militarized police force.

On Monday, Jewell told The Sun he plans to file a formal complaint.

“Is this really the ethics of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office? Is this how it conducts business?” Jewell said. “Have they really resorted to these bullying tactics?

“I thought they were above all this, but maybe I’m wrong.”

Jewell also said one of the deputies punched him shortly after he got out of his car. The informational report does not mention if Jewell was struck.

His best statement in the video was “I can’t believe I got pulled over by a tank.”

Get used to it America. We will all be getting pulled over by armored cars, drones, and tanks soon enough…

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