05.03 23:15 ET BREAKING NEWS: Attempted Islamist Terrorist Attack in Garland, TX (UPDATE-ISIS Claims Responsibility)

by John Galt
May 03, 2015 23:30 ET

The news broke tonight with a violent reverberation across the internet starting with the theory from the Drudge Report’s headline:


While this may come as a shock to many Americans, this might be considered a shock, but to those of us who have been warning about the dangers of radical Islam and it’s influence and activities which have been condoned by America’s political elite, this is the norm which we will now have to live with. The headline from the UK Daily Mail is even more dramatic:

Two gunmen ‘carrying explosives’ attack anti-Muslim art contest in Texas: Suspects dead and security guard wounded at ‘draw Muhammad’ event that offered $10k prize


If anyone thinks this is one and done with this administration in charge, you are a foolish, naive asswipe who needs to understand that President Bush and President Obama have been heavily bribed by Islamist supporters to not destroy the threat in its entirety. Now that it has arrived on our doorstep, we can only hope and pray that those who deny this threat face the terror on a more personal level where they or their families are murdered in the name of the Satanic religious belief of these animals so they might see the truth before it is too late.

Of course those who wish to live in denial, or in support of these animals like our President and his Muslim Brotherhood leaders infiltrated within the bureaucracy, could care less. Buckle up America, it is on.


UPDATED 23:35 ET 05.03.15:

IS claims responsibility via Facebook, no confirmation from authorities:


Updated 23:45 ET – Screen Shot of the FNC picture of the two room temperature terrorists meeting their 71 virgin fat ugly bitches with “allah”:


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