Ban All the Jews and Homos

by John Galt
May 10, 2015 15:30 ET

Over the past week and continuing on through this weekend, the mainstream media and political elites have been touting the need to restrict or restrain Pamela Geller’s activities regarding her exercise of our nation’s 1st Amendment so as to placate radical Islamists. Sadly, the Fox News crew along with the extremists on NBC, ABC, etc. all have espoused that the “cause” of the attack in Garland, TX was the fact that Pamela Geller incited them. Bill O’Reilly in fact established that point this week on his show when debating Megan Kelly (via Mediate):

He has yet to dial back from this point of view and joined the chorus of individuals who blame the victims of the attack instead of the fact that America tolerates the introduction of Islamist radicalism into our society as part of an acceptance of the Muslim religion.

However, Megan Kelly’s challenge to Mr. O’Reilly is in fact correct. Hamas has stated directly in its charter that indeed the eradication of the Jewish state and all Jews is part of their ultimate goal; a goal which has been adopted by radical and in fact some moderate Muslims around the world:

Anti-Semitic Incitement:


‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and

kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the

rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind

me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)

Thus America finds itself at a crossroads in our history that we never  could have even remotely imagine fifteen or twenty years ago.

Our society has accepted the disposition of the 4th Amendment allowing Stasi like guards to inspect our children’s and grandparent’s undergarments at airports and sea ports when last we checked, there was no threat from either on 9/11 or since. We have accepted police checkpoints to prevent drunk drivers, terrorism, and to guarantee that your neighbor has  working headlights on their vehicle all to mask the desire of law enforcement to entrap citizens for crimes they may are may not be aware they are committing. The American people have granted a wide political berth to suspend the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments in lieu of security to a group of nameless, faceless bureaucrats and politicians who have no concerns for the freedom or rights of the people but only to protect the financial fortunes and freedoms of the elites.

To maintain and improve upon this security for our nation, the threat of radical Islam must be met head on by restricting not just Pamela Geller’s group and others like hers to exercise their free speech without limits. It must be imposed on others to protect the children, the innocent neighbors, schools, hospitals, and of course Christian churches to prevent those locations and individuals within from becoming victims of an Islamist attack.

The Jewish people fully understand how dangerous this threat is in Israel but outside of hiring some Barney Fife types to protect their synagogues they are doing nothing to ensure that they are protected from radical Muslims who are hell bent on harming them or an innocent non-Jewish bystander should they attack. Henceforth, the Federal Government should ban construction of any new synagogues or Jewish schools  to guarantee that innocent civilians are not hurt should such an attack occur. In fact, there should be districts allocated by the Federal and State governments of this nation to restrict the areas where Jewish people live, work, and worship. Judaism is not the threat; the attack on the Jewish religion is and why should my family be at risk because someone wishes to worship in a manner which offends Allah?

Protection of these new districts is of utmost importance, so a wall with barbed wire on the top should be constructed around Jewish zones to prevent the terrorists from getting in and Jewish citizens from endangering non-Jews by intermingling with American citizens not of that faith. A guarantee of their safety and security is of critical importance to prevent radical Islam from destroying their faith on our soil so a para-military presence may be required, perhaps managed by the Department of Homeland Security to protect these Jewish zones and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Sadly for the Fox News crew, these protections for the Jewish-American population can not stop there; it must be provided on an equal and fair basis to protect another threatened class within our society, the homosexual citizen.

In Islam, homosexuality is not only views as a sin against God (Allah) but as a crime against Islam as a whole. For example from the Qur’an:

Qur’an (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)” – An account that is borrowed from the Biblical story of Sodom. Muslim scholars through the centuries have interpreted the “rain of stones” on the town as meaning that homosexuals should be stoned, since no other reason is given for the people’s destruction. (The story is also repeated in suras 27 and 29).

This extends beyond the Islamic holy book however; it is enforced in Sharia Law and the sentences still carried out today by the Saudi Morality Police. From WikiIslam:

Islamic Shari’ah law is extracted from both the Qur’an and Muhammad’s Sunnah (found in the Hadith and Sira). Islamic jurisprudence are expansion of the laws contained within them by Islamic jurists. Therefore, they are seen as the laws of Allah. You need only look to the rulings under Shari’ah to see the accepted mainstream interpretation of Islam and its commandments to its followers. Homosexuality under this law, is not only a sin, but a punishable crime against God.

In the case of homosexuality, how it is dealt with differs between the four mainline schools of Sunni jurisprudence today, but what they all agree upon is that homosexuality is worthy of a severe penalty.

In the Hanafi school of thought, the homosexual is first punished through harsh beating, and if he/she repeats the act, the death penalty is to be applied.

As for the Shafi`i school of thought, the homosexual receives the same punishment as adultery (if he/she is married) or fornication (if not married). This means, that if the homosexual is married, he/she is stoned to death, while if single, he/she is whipped 100 times. Hence, the Shafi`i compares the punishment applied in the case of homosexuality with that of adultery and fornication.

The Hanafi differentiates between the two acts because in homosexuality, anal sex [something that is prohibited, regardless of orientation] may also be involved, while in adultery [and fornication], the penis/vagina (which are reproductive parts) are involved.

Some scholars, based on the Qur’an and various ahadith, hold the opinion that the homosexual should be thrown from a high building or stoned to death[1] as a punishment for their crime, but other scholars maintain that they should be imprisoned until death. [2]

Another view is that between two males, the active partner is to be lashed a hundred times if he is unmarried, and killed if he is married; whereas the passive partner is to be killed regardless of his marital status.[3]

This threat can not be allowed to stand without a strong logical response from our government. We as a society can not just provide protections to the Jewish people of America and not protect the homosexual community also. This means we as a people must protect homosexuals, be they male, female, bisexual, or transgendered the same protections as proposed above for the Jews. In fact due to the severe punishments demanded by Islamic law, and so as not to insult the Prophet, America should probably provide special identifiers for homosexuals such as a chip implant so when a police officer is made aware by a special signal that a gay individual is nearby, a larger contingent of officers can be called in to protect their movement.

Homosexuals should be given their own airports, airlines, subway trains, grocery stores, and portions of cities secured once again with walls and barbed wire to prevent them from being harmed and thus allowing Islamist to carry out their religious beliefs outside those walls without a threat to homosexual citizens. The danger of intermingling with heterosexuals and risking an attack on children or straight people because of their sexual rights is not fair to the rest of us. Nor should we diminish those beliefs of the Islamic community regarding this matter so they should be given a voice on where homosexuals should be allowed to reside, work, and travel so as not to insult Mohammed.

I think this is a fair outcome and program to save lives, satisfy Bill O’Reilly and the Fox News/MSNBC commentators while guaranteeing that these minorities are protected from attacks by radical Islamists and not injuring us normal folks from said terrorist activity. Or America could adopt a final solution which would definitely protect our citizenry from the activities and beliefs of the Jewish people and homosexuals:

Ban Jews and Homosexuals from living in America.

After all, that’s an easier solution than defending the 1st Amendment, isn’t it Bill?

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