According to SC Governor Haley, Senator Mitch McConnell, and WalMart this Man is a Racist

by John Galt
June 23, 2015 20:30 ET

Throughout history scapegoats for any event are easy to find. Whenever a mass murderer appears the blame is immediately assigned to society, a symbol, the weapon, yet never to the individual because in modern society destroying the concept of individualism outweighs history and reality.

The recent slaughter by the lunatic in Charleston, SC recently is no different.

The news is replete with absolutely insane stories trying to associate the CSA (Confederate States of America) battle flag with the racism exhibited by an allegedly (and obviously) insane individual who had numerous other issues beyond his willingness to blame blacks for all of his personal problems. Now the story has leaped beyond the false protests and rage against the flag, and on to blaming statues, symbols, and God only knows what is next. Here are three stories of many to highlight the stupidity:

Walmart, Amazon, Sears, eBay to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise

McConnell: Kentucky should consider moving Jefferson Davis statue

Nikki Haley calls for removal of Confederate flag from capitol grounds

The truth of the matter? Based on the theories and utterances of these individuals, the photograph of the man in the thumbnail on the main page and this picture below indicates that this black man, a free man in the Confederacy was actually a racist because he elected to fight under the very flag they seek to ban.


Who is this man?

Watch this brief documentary on the flag and the man in the picture above, something which will never be taught in our modern quasi-Marxist classrooms stuffed full of revisionist history:

That’s correct. A black man, with freedom of choice, decided to fight for the CSA and not escape north. I have been a student of this time period for most of my life and as one who grew up in the deep South, witnessing racism from all colors, and deeds of great healing, the facts being presented by the mainstream media and our schools are far from accurate. The facts are that many black ‘recruits’ for the Union Army were truly treated quite poorly as they were degraded and viewed as inferior men instead of soldiers in arms.

The fact that it was a Progressive Democrat President (Woodrow Wilson) who helped to take the old KKK and bring into a modern segregationist age with not only his support via a White House viewing of the blatantly racist film, ‘Birth of a Nation‘, but by re-segregating our military and civil service. The racism was the result of the beliefs not only in Eugenics but in racial purity supported by the Democratic Party, primarily in Northern States, which resulted in the cause of civil rights being set back by over 50 years from the 1920’s until some semblance of a tenuous peace in the 1970’s.

The people of Charleston, SC demonstrated that in the South, insultingly referred to as the Redneck States of Dixie and other derogatory terms by Northern Progressive Elites, that despite the mainstream media’s lies, racial harmony is basically part of our society, unlike those large tinder kegs in the Yankee states. Thus by simply hurling insults, failing to understand the roots of post Civil War society, automatically painting anyone who believes in Constitutionalism, or lives south of the Mason-Dixon line, and who refuses to adopt modern Progressivism, the presumption is assigned that anyone in that region must be a racist.

Hence if all of these corporations and politicians believe that the symbolism of rebellion exhibited by the St. George’s Cross on the Confederate Battle Flag is indeed racist, perhaps a brief history lesson about the man in the photo above is in order. Meet Louis Napoleon Nelson, a past resident of Ripley, TN and volunteer soldier in the CSA:

Louis Napoleon Nelson was born in 1846 in Ripley, Lauderdale County, TN. He died in 1934 at the age of 88. Louis served in an integrated unit for the Confederacy; the 7th Tennessee Cavalry Company M. Louis is a well-known Ripley native due to the efforts of his grandson. According to his grandson, Nelson Winbush, Louis Napoleon Nelson went to war with the sons of his owner, James Oldham, as their bodyguard. At first Louis served as a cook and look out, but he later saw action under the command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Louis also went on to serve as a Chaplain.

He could not read or write, yet he had managed to memorize the King James Bible. He went on to serve as Chaplain for the next 4 campaigns, leading services with the soldiers before they went to the battlefield. He fought in battles at Shiloh, Lookout Mountain, Brice’s Crossroads, and Vicksburg. After the war Louis lived as a freeman on the James Oldham plantation for several years. He built a yellow, two story house, with a wraparound porch in Ripley. Throughout the years Louis went to 39 Confederate reunions proudly wearing his Civil War uniform.

When Louis Napoleon Nelson passed away a Confederate flag draped his coffin. According to a story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper in 1933 Louis described himself as the only colored Democrat in Lauderdale County, TN. His funeral the following year, which included a military procession, was described as “the largest colored folks funeral we had ever seen in our time.” Today his story lives on through his grandson Nelson Winbush, who proudly proclaims his grandfather’s legacy.

Instead of trying to revise or erase history, why not try teaching it to our children, so the mistakes of our past are not repeated?

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