07.27-07.28 Asian Deathburger: Chinese Stock Market Opens DOWN 4% No Sweet, Just Sour

by John Galt
July 27, 2015 22:15 ET


This screenshot from Bloomberg TV-Asia says it all:


The reason for all the red on the screen? Shanghai strikes again, opening down as far as 4.51% but recovering slightly at the top of the hour:


The 15 minute delayed chart from YahooFinance is ugly as are all Asian-Pacific markets this morning:

The Hang Seng in Hong Kong is slightly better but then again they like to sell hard in the afternoon session:

Australia and South Korea are not doing so well either:

Last but not least, look at Japan now down 1.15%. Just bad, very bad signs here….

Meanwhile in commodity land, it would appear WTI Crude Oil now has a $46 handle and falling hard again in Asian trading:

With the metals holding for now, that is the only good news for now. Enjoy your Deathburger.


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