08.16 Eastern Ukraine & Donbas Video of a Little Outgoing and Incoming Mail (Artillery)

by John Galt
August 16, 2015 21:15 ET

First some outbound shots near Donetsk hitting Ukrainian positions north of the city. By the sounds of it on the video and occasional flashes that are visible, it sucks to be them:

And now some shelling of the village Sartana not far from Mariupol as Russian forces start to soften up the Ukrainian defenses:


Inbound shelling of the Kirovsky district near Donetsk by Ukrainian troops who reportedly attacked some residential areas tonight also:

Artillery in this video alleged to be hitting suburbs of Donetsk from Ukrainian positions tonight:

I’m sure there will be more of this as both sides appear to be softening up the other for something big before winter conditions set in.

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