The Unofficial Oct 28 RNC Presidential Debate Drinking Game

by John Galt
October 28, 2015 19:30 ET


My how times have changed. Just yesterday we were all lamenting the loss of what his name and whoevermuhsuch the former Governor of Texas (no, not Bush) leaving the Presidential contest. Now the Democrats have reduced their choices between an honest by God Marxist and a dishonest by God Fascist, so that leaves the Republicircus to proceed full steam ahead to reduce the contest down to someone the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actually approves of!

First, let us all ignore the dwindling and undersized Kiddie debate on as I type. If you want a mimosa or glass of chocolate milk in honor of those losers, please feel free. The first debate should include Paul, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina, and Huckabee also but because all of them have promised to attack Carson, Cruz, and Trump they get to participate in CNBS’s propaganda extravaganza.

Thus, ignoring the losers, let us focus on the real players and power in this debate tonight on the main stage and what you and I shall experience liver disease and disgust as they act like asses on the stage in front of the Eastern European Moderators from CNBS:

The “moderators” are as follows:

Carl Quintanilla – The pretty boy of CNBC who is clueless on every subject including the economy but will do a good job to iPromote the Democrat vision tonight.

Becky Quick – Warren Buffet’s personal fluffer.

John Harwood – The one economics reporter who makes Vladimir Putin blush and wish he could work for RT or the old Radio Moscow World Service.

And now the drinking game rules (this website can not be held responsible for job loss or suicides due to active participation):

Quintanilla says income inequality – 2 drinks

Quick asks anyone about the Fed -3 drinks

Harwood asks about taxes – 1 drink

Harwood mentions Obama and the economic recover – 2 drinks

Jeb Bush attacks Trump – 1 drink

Jeb Bush attacks Rubio – 1 water drink

Jeb Bush attacks himself – 2 drinks

Carly Fiorina reminds voters she’s a woman – 1 drink

Carly Fiorina says she did a good job at HP – 5 drinks

Carly Fiorina attacks Trump – 1 drink

Ben Carson opens his eyes during an answer – 1 drink

Ben Carson attacks anyone – 5 drinks

Ben Carson admits he doesn’t know the answer – 1 drink

Donald Trump attacks Rubio – 1 drink

Donald Trump says Jeb Bush went to “Mommy and Daddy” for help – 3 drinks

Donald Trump attacks Carson for being boring/low energy – 1 teaspoon

Marco Rubio defends his voting record in the Senate – 2 drinks

Marco Rubio bats his eyes to attract women voters while answering – 1 drink

Marco Rubio speaks in Spanish -3 drinks

Marco Rubio attacks Trump – 1 drink

Chris Christie snorts during an answer – 3 drinks

Ted Cruz talks too smart – 1 drink?

Ted Cruz says the word “Constitution” – 1 drink

Rand Paul attacks Ted Cruz – 2 drinks

Rand Paul attacks Trump – 1 drink

Rand Paul says anything about “my father/dad” etc. – 3 drinks

Huckabee invokes the Bible – 3 drinks

Huckabee attempts to explain CLOs or Derivatives – 5 drinks

Kasich acts like an asshole – 1 drink (we’d all be dead otherwise for the 5 drink limit)

That’s enough for tonight. I suggest everyone starts early as I am enjoying some Florida Sunshine with fresh squeezed orange juice with 2 shots of Russian Standard Vodka to tolerate this fiasco.

One might as well be wasted as America wastes away watching the bread and circus.


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