Russia Prepares for Further US Sanctions as Putin Prepares More Military Action

by John Galt
November 4, 2015 20:45 ET

The toothless American sanctions imposed by the Mullah in Chief of the United States Obama are about to get serious as it would appear Vladimir Putin is preparing his nation for further, more severe economic sanctions (via RT):

Putin signs law allowing retaliatory sequestration of foreign property in Russia

Russia’s president has signed legislation enabling countermeasures in the case of the wrongful arrest of Russian state property abroad. The law, based on reciprocity, curtails the jurisdictional immunity of the country in question if not agreed otherwise.

The document was published on Russia’s official legal information website and therefore has come into effect.

According to the new law, the jurisdictional immunities of a foreign state and its property could be limited on the territory of Russia on the principle of mutuality, in the case that the jurisdictional immunity of Russia has been found to be suffering limitations on the sovereign territory of that country.

The provisions of the law would not be applied if Russia and the other country have reached an agreement to act differently.

The judicial immunity of a foreign entity that has filed a legal action, entered legal argument or has taken any other substantive action in a Russian court will be considered revoked.

The revoking of a foreign country’s judicial immunity in any given legal argument is irrevocable and will be applied to all stages of judicial examinations.

This is a polite and diplomatic method of stating the following:

If anyone dares to impose economic sanctions on the Russian Federation, Russia will seize the financial property of the offending nation and hold it or liquidate it as necessary to serve Moscow’s needs.

This is not just a warning to any nation not to try to intimidate or threaten Russia; this is in fact a notice from Vladimir Putin and his government that they are preparing to take military action of a drastic nature, perhaps in Syria or the Donbas which will so utterly shock the West that further sanctions will be called on by the Obama regime.

Financial markets as a result could get quite interesting in the next few weeks as a result if economic warfare breaks out as the Middle East War against ISIS and other Arab agents expands dramatically.

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