Canada May go 100% Tard: Considering Accepting Syrian Refugees like the Europeans

by John Galt
November 9, 2015 19:10 ET

Just when everyone thought we should only build a wall on the SOUTHERN U.S. border, we might need one along our Northern border also as the nation of Canada is on the verge of going 100% retard under their new Socialist French like government:

Canada eyes taking in Syrian refugees from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

More from the Al-Arabiya article today:

Canada will soon discuss with Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey taking 25,000 Syrian refugees off their hands and resettling them in this country by year’s end, the immigration minister said Monday.

“The government is committed to welcoming 25,000 refugees by the end of the year,” Immigration Minister John McCallum told reporters, “But we are also determined to do the job well, which means proper consideration be given to security concerns and to health concerns.”

He said Ottawa is looking to use commercial airlines, passenger ships and military transports to move asylum seekers, and could house them at Canadian military bases or with Canadian families who sponsor them.

He said work has already started to select refugees, get exit permits for them and in the coming days Ottawa will “engage with the leaders of the countries where these refugees are residing.”

McCallum singled out Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as the “primary countries” it is looking to.

“It’s possible that we will take refugees from each of those countries, or maybe there will be more of a focus on one or two of them,” he said.

Ay Caramba!!!

In other words they are following suit behind the Euroweenies, the Obama regime’s illegal repatriation, and God knows who else will volunteer next. After all, none of the nations appear to eager to accept CHRISTIANS and it is easier to just watch them get beheaded, raped, and enslaved than act against those abominations. Why accept actual families enduring religious persecution when one can import further excuses to expand the police state against one’s own citizenry.

Oh Canada, it did not take you long to revert back into the Marxist hell hole you once were. It was nice knowing you as a beacon of freedom while it lasted.

Enjoy your terrorism.

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