If Saudi Arabia is “Allah’s Pardise” on Earth, Why are so Many Professionals Trying to Flee?

by John Galt
November 9, 2015 19:25 ET

The paradise nation which set an example for all other Islamic countries which appears to be Allah’s heaven on Earth appears to be in not such great shape. Following the lead of Americans with skills and means as a record number of US citizens are now renouncing their citizenship under the Obama regime, it would appear that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a similar problem; perhaps one far worse (via the state run newspaper, The Arab News):

Doctors, accountants among 7,500 stopped while fleeing kingdom


Around 7,566 people including doctors and accountants were arrested for trying to escape the Kingdom across borders during 1436H, after not being able to settle debts or due to criminal cases against them or problems with their sponsors. They are in addition to those who were wanted by security agencies, according to an online newspaper.

A spokesman of the Directorate General for Borders Guards said that the Borders Guards arrested 115,286 people who tried to infiltrate into the Kingdom in 1436H, in addition to 7,566 who tried escape the country illegally across borders. Legal action has been taken against them.

He said that that with the project of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the security of the northern borders and smart electronic surveillance systems, the Border Guards can abort any number of efforts to infiltrate before they could implement their criminal objectives.

Retired Brig. Abdullah bin Mahfoudh said that those who tried to escape include doctors, accountants and workers of various professions. They have proper residence cards, but were perhaps wanted in various criminal cases.

Filtering through the propaganda nonsense about why these individuals were wanted for “criminal cases” that the KSA is well known for, this is a story which indicates that those ‘in the know’ appear to have realized that not only is the upcoming internal conflict of secession going to be far worse than reported to the West; in fact this could be an indication that the rumors of a possible tribal Civil War within the Kingdom are growing more not less likely.

Buckle up folks, it could get very interesting in the Middle East and at the gas pump in 2016 before all is said and done.

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