11.15-11.16 Deathcrepe Asia, European, US Marketwatch: Nous Somme Français

by John Galt
November 15, 2015 10:15 ET


11.15 19:05 ET –

Japan enters into recession in Q3. Nikkei 225 now down 1.71% but don’t worry, be happy!

11.15 18:05 ET –

Dow Futures open up – 129.

Not that bad, not that good. But the night is young….


This will be an open thread, updated throughout the afternoon and evening to cover the ongoing market turmoil, which just became more tumultuous, as the world reacts to the cratering global economy and the upcoming start to World War III which shall begin once again in Europe and the Middle East.

Futures as of the Friday the 13th close looked like this (courtesy of Finviz.com):


To say we live in interesting times is an understatement; the question now becomes how will the world react when the United States gets zapped again or Russia finally pulls the tampon out of Putin’s rear and he retaliates against ISIS in a method that most of the world thought would have already occurred.

Stay tuned as updates will begin here after 16:00 ET.

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