11.17 Russia and France Begin Operation F.U. Obama Against ISIS in Syria – Raqqa Sucks to Live there now! (Videos)

by John Galt
November 17, 2015 19:30 ET

Don’t piss on the bear unless you can handle getting hit by the claw.


Apparently ISIS hasn’t figured out that they should have broadcast pictures of their “fighters” feeding infants instead of raping and beheading them as Russia in coordination now with France has basically told Obama to F. Off and started bombing the living dog snot out of ISIS in Raqqa and selected other targets as another pre-winter offensive begins. This time it is different however with both Russia and France assisting the Assad government’s offensive by wiping out anything that remotely looks like an ISIS raghead off the face of the earth using weaponry that would make any tree-hugging U.S. liberal cry in their panties.

So what does a real war on terror look like (George W. Bush should take note)? Here ya go:

France Blasts ISIL Targets in Third Night of Airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqa

Video from the story above:

Sucks to be them. But the Russians one upped the French by deploying strategic forces to launch cruise missiles on the the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria:

Meanwhile, the Russians Defense Ministry will neither confirm nor deny that they launched SLCM’s from their submarines in the Mediterranean:

Kremlin does not comment on reports of missile strikes at Islamic State from subs
November 17, 19:46 UTC+3
Russian aircraft have doubled the number of strikes against Islamic State facilities in Syria

© ITAR-TASS/Lev Fedoseyev
MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. The Kremlin does not comment on media reports claiming that a missile strike was delivered from a Russian submarine in the Mediterranean Sea at the Islamic State terrorist organization’s facilities in Syria, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

Peskov said “nothing was said about that” in a report that President Vladimir Putin listened to in the Defense Ministry earlier Tuesday.

“This question will probably be best answered by our colleagues from the Defense Ministry,” he said.

Boom. If the Russians are willing to put this type of demonstration on for NATO the message is unmistakably clear:

Do not screw with Putin, the Russian people, or Russian forces in the Ukraine or they will annihilate their enemies.

Meanwhile, back in Syria, here are some Russian Mi-24’s supporting Syrian troops outside of Homs and Palmyra yesterday:

And here is what the dead ISIS forces look like after the Russian helicopters and Syrian forces remove the ragheads:

To summarize today’s press conference of the Russian Defense Ministry, here it is in full for those that speak Russian and enjoy watching a military allowed to do its proper job:

Hopefully Putin will unleash the big bombs soon so the Obama wussies can cry about how vicious the Ruskies are while France and most of Europe cheers them on….

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