11.23 BREAKING: Russian Military Begins Ground Operations inside Syria

by John Galt
November 23, 2015 20:30 ET

From the Kuwaiti Newspaper Al-Rai (rough translation direct from Google Translate):

Special reports -Monday, November 23, 2015
Elijah wrote c. Magnaar

Al Rai quote of the leading sources in Syria that for the first time participated Russian infantry troops backed by tanks and aircraft operation to storm the opposition forces Syrian expiatory between the countryside of Latakia and Idleb countryside where captured the strategic high recording without any injury in the ranks of the attacking forces. Leadership sources said that live military exercise carried out by the Russian army on the land of Syria, required the involvement of an infantry battalion cradle her pounding cannons 130 mm advanced aircraft Sukhoi SU-25M target for advancing Russian infantry from beyond the site, to carry out the takeover process on high sensitive accurately Without the losses of the attacking forces, is evidence that the Russian army attend his troops on the level of increase efficiency, clashed with the enemy as a prelude to the involvement of combat units in the near future, because the Kremlin leadership made ​​the decision to support strongly to Syria, and to consider the land of Sham a field training a real evolution and appear its strength and combat equipment that did not participate real battle for many years.

Sources said the Syrian leadership has provided logistical support for the battle fought Russian forces for the first time on the territory of Syria without being involved is or its allies, and at the request of Russia, to test the readiness of infantry existing weapon in Syria, pointing out that the battle lasted several hours strategic summit cleansing and inflict militants of different nationalities number of dead left on the battlefield during which.

According to the same sources, the Russia has become not only exist strongly in warm water, but also put into place rules and procedures As it deems appropriate, In the past, Russia has been the convergence of average shyly. Today and make them come a large fleet performs live maneuver and sets rules and procedures for airports and ships navigation beyond which the aircraft and commercial ships from maneuvering area, including not dare the former Soviet Union at the height of his power, noting that« modern Russia imposed itself over the medium to impose measures to control what time I like, between the overnight became the control triangle, in exchange for the city of Beirut and down to the international waters that touches the island of Cyprus and ending Pascndron in Turkey, under the authority of Russia, knowing that this triangle roughly the area of Syria, it is clear that the Russian fleet has become an integral part of control and the defense of Syria, and that the White Bear pave the way for future operations to take down the great freedom on the land of Sham forces to take revenge of terrorism and Afghanistan’s history and restore the glory of the old Russia more diplomatic Modern System but most resolutely.


The better translation of the story comes from the Israeli report via the Jerusalem Post:

Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action

In an unprecedented move, Russia has sent ground-troops into the Syrian battlefield in support of Bashar Assad as the dictator struggles to maintain his power in the continuous four-year-long civil war, according to a report by Kuwaiti daily al-Rai.

The report, which has not been substantiated by other sources, claims Russian military forces have been providing cover for T-90 tanks along with military air support which have attacked multiple strategic targets held by rebel forces in Idlib and Latakia.

In September, multiple US officials claimed that Russia had positioned about a half dozen tanks at a Syrian airfield at the center of a military buildup.

One US official said seven Russian T-90 tanks were observed at the airfield near Latakia, a stronghold of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The Kuwaiti report adds that Russian forces have already taken over multiple strategic positions and have forced numerous rebel battalions to retreat. The report did not disclose whether there were Russian army casualties.

Over the last three months, Russia has steadily increased its participation in the Syrian domestic conflict, launching airstrikes from its bases in western Syria as it drops thousands of sorties on enemy targets.

Along with airstrikes, Russia has also increased its naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea along the Syrian coast while it coordinates with Iranian military forces and Hezbollah.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on several past occasions that his country had no intention of sending boots on the ground to participate in the Syrian civil war.

If the report is correct, it could signify a dramatic shift in Russian policy, or merely be a one-time specific action.

Further information via the Iranian official news agency FARS:

Report: Russia Starts Ground Operations in Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian infantry forces, supported by air force and artillery units, launched their first operations inside the Syrian territory, a Kuwaiti paper reported.

“The Russian infantry forces, supported by tanks and fighter jets, participated for the first time in operations to attack the Takfiri militants in Syria in a region between Lattakia and Idlib provinces” and they could take control of strategic heights without sustaining any casualties, Kuwait’s al-Rai newspaper quoted Syrian dissident commanders as saying.

It added that the conditions for Russia’s ground operations in Syria were prepared by the country’s advanced 130-mm artillery and SU-25M fighter jets.

“This shows that Russia is preparing its forces at a high level to fight against enemies… since Russia has decided to enter Syria powerfully and assumes the Levant territory as a real training field to show its power and develop its weapons and military equipment which have not been used in any real war for years,” the paper claimed quoting the same sources.

They also claimed that the Syrian command has been in charge of logistical support for the first-time war fought by the Russian infantry forces in Syria.

Moscow itself had demanded the Syrian forces and its allies not to participate in the operations so that the Russian infantry forces will be tested in the battlefield in Syria, the sources said, adding that the battle lasted some hours and a strategic hill was purged of terrorists and a number of them were also killed.

On September 30, Russian military aircraft began executing precision strikes against ISIL forces in Syria at the behest of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Since the beginning of the airborne campaign Russian aircraft have carried out over 2,000 sorties, destroying about 3,000 ISIL targets and eliminating hundreds of militants.

The warships of Russian Caspian Flotilla also launched a series of cruise missile strikes against the ISIL assets in Syria.

But Moscow has repeatedly underlined that it will not fight any ground battle in Syria.

The truth is that this is a logical progression against the rebellion in Syria so the Syrian and Russian military can clear the entire Alawite region of any opposition before the winter conditions set in, making ground combat more difficult for Syrian forces. By engaging in ground combat, IF this report is accurate, it would help to explain the wild swings in oil prices today along with why the Russian media has suddenly gone quiet on operations in Northwest Syria at this time. As more Arab news sources confirm this story or if the Russians acknowledge the combat, I shall update this website immediately.

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