11.28 Putin Signs Decree Imposing Economic Sanctions on Turkey

by John Galt
November 28, 2015 13:20 ET

From the Russian news service Interfax (translated via Google):

Putin signed a decree on sanctions against Turkey

There is an update from 20:43 → Putin decided to ban charter flights to Turkey

The ban Turkish goods fall, the list of which will determine the government

Moscow. November 28. INTERFAX.RU – President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on restrictive measures against Turkey. This was reported by the Kremlin press service. The document called “On measures to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of Russian citizens from criminal and other illegal activities and the use of special economic measures against the Republic of Turkey.”

In accordance with the decree on the territory of Russia temporarily bans or limitation of foreign economic transactions involving the importation into the country of certain types of Turkish goods. The list should identify the Government of the Russian Federation. An exception is made for goods imported for personal use to the extent permitted by law of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Also, a ban or restriction for Turkish companies and organizations in the performance of certain types of work or services in the territory of Russia. The list will also be determined by the Government.

In addition, a ban for employers to hire from January 1, 2016 employees citizens of Turkey.

According to the document, tour operators and travel agents should refrain sale of permits in Turkey, the government instructed to take measures to ban on charter air transportation between Russia and Turkey.

Relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated sharply after the bomber Su-24 took part in the operation against the group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia), was shot down over the territory of Syria, Turkish F-16 fighter. In Ankara, the claim that Russian aircraft had violated Turkish airspace.

After that Vladimir Putin said that the Turkish Air Force attack on the Russian military aircraft had “stab in the back” by the “supporters of terrorists”, adding that the incident will have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.

The tat came in this tit for tat exchange came earlier today with reports of Turkish forces, either rebels or regular military, firing mortars on Syrian positions along the Syria-Turkey border. If this continues to accelerate, watch out for a potential Russian response to turn out the lights on the Turkish military’s ability to engage in electronic warfare and monitoring in the area as Russia begins using all of their advanced weapons that the U.S. military has assured us they do not possess.

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