Days After Japan Increases Troop Levels, Chinese Jets Fly Near Okinawa

by John Galt
November 28, 2015 08:55 ET

Just days after the Japanese military announced a new round of deployments in the disputed Senkaku Island region (see: Japan to Deploy More Troops Near Disputed Senkaku Islands ), China has decided to test the mettle of the Home Defense Forces by sending their bombers on a probing run through the Miyako-Okinawa Islands.


From the South China Morning Post earlier today:

Japan scrambled jets after 11 Chinese military planes flew near southern Japanese islands during what Beijing said was a drill to improve its long-range combat abilities, reports said on Saturday.

The planes – eight bombers, two intelligence gathering planes and one early-warning aircraft – flew near Miyako and Okinawa on Friday without violating Japan’s airspace, the Japanese defence ministry said in a statement released on Friday.

Some of them flew between the two islands while others made flights close to neighbouring islands, the ministry said.

A Chinese air force spokesman said several types of planes, including H-6K bombers, were involved in Friday’s drill over the western Pacific, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

What makes this unusual? Also from the article linked above:

While there were no further comments from the Japanese ministry, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that it was “unusual” for China to dispatch such a large fleet close to Japan’s airspace and the ministry was analyzing the purpose of the mission.

Japan scrambles jets hundreds of times a year to defend its airspace, both against Russia and these days also against Chinese aircraft.

In other words China is deliberately raising the tension levels with Japan creating further concerns for the United States as Obama’s attempt at avoiding any war, especially a two front war which would demonstrate the incompetency of his Presidency, is now going to be tested over the next 12 months. Apparently the Japanese are beginning to realize that the American promise of assisting them should a conflict arise with China is no more than the proverbial Paper Tiger offering tacit but not practical support and the need to expedite deployments to these islands and fortifying them is becoming more crucial by the day.

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