Obama is Planting a Ticking Time Bomb in America for 2017

by John Galt
December 1, 2015 05:00 ET

While most of America slumbers in its drunken swill of Republican versus Democrat political nonsense, sports of every sort, and the latest social distortions of reality designed to infuriate the average sane individual, the President of the United States has begun the final phase of his plan.

And it’s a doozy.

The first hints of this grand plan began to take shape when Obama committed what amounts to a suicide mission for United States Special Operations Forces in Syria working with suspect groups which could turn on our soldiers and enable them to become captives of radical Islamists whenever those groups found the timing profitable and advantageous to their cause. Next came the announcement of a massive release of Federal prisoners who were allegedly all non-violent offenders being held primarily on drug charges and the majority of which resided in the inner city. This flood of individuals back into cities like Chicago, New York, Baltimore, and Detroit which are already over-stressed due to crime and poverty will not help the situation as the calendar flips into 2016 with no hope, no jobs, and no future left for these perpetual losers.

2016 is the final year of Obama’s administration and instead of attempting to celebrate his “achievements” the plan is obvious to all but the Fox News morons who think that we still live in a two party Kumbaya society where politics and business are still conducted at any sort of legal level. Obama’s only goal for 2016 is to line his pockets by using a network of foundations to extort contributions from crony capitalists desirous of avoiding the Wrath Of Valerie or any other despotic liberal residing in the White House looking for any perverse excuse to attack their company or personal fortune.

Thus one has to ask:

What does Obama have up his sleeve for America?

The first option is a full blown global war, but based on Obama’s history of cowardice and refusal to accept personal responsibility for anything, I find that outcome the least likely event of 2016-2017.

Thus that leaves the most terrifying aspects of his final year of his reign of terror which I anticipate:

  1. Look for Obama to declare all charges against illegal aliens for misdemeanors including multiple crossings into US territory without a felony charge as a pardonable offense. Despite the outrage that will be generated by the Republicans and border states, this will pretty much give all illegals a “free pass” for decades of transgression and wipe their records in all Federal criminal databases.
  2. Obama will announce a government project to build a “National Mosque” as an addition to the Washington National Cathedral. CAIR and other Islamic groups will announce that this will cost the taxpayers nothing as they promise to raise the funds for the project. Republicans cower in fear of offending the Muslims and ground breaking occurs during the Eid Feast celebration in the summer of 2016. By not forcing the issue as a taxpayer funded project, Obama can accomplish this with a zoning change and Executive Order, nothing else is required.
  3. The administration will announce that due to national security concerns, the administration will allocate transportation funds originally intended for Amtrak to the new Los Angeles to San Francisco high speed rail program. This will give California a much needed economic boost under the shield of protecting the railroad from “domestic terrorism.”
  4. The Obama Treasury Department will order an extension of the EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card from no longer acting as a cash on demand equivalent for goods purchased or cash received. Via an Executive Order, so as to “stimulate” a flailing economy, Obama will order a EBT+40% credit line; thus a $200 monthly limit becomes $280 ‘credit’ limit which users can spend on whatever on the taxpayer’s dime. This will be a pathetic attempt to help Democrat politicians just before the election.
  5. President Obama will publicly order several “Tea Party” related organizations to be placed on the DHS/FBI Domestic Terrorism Watch List in late 2016 to impact their ability to raise money for Congressional election campaigns.
  6. On December 23, 24, or 26th, President Obama will pardon renowned infamous cop killer Wesley Cook, aka, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Along with his pardon will be the pardon or commuting of sentences for numerous Black Panther Party members and other Nation of Islam/Muslim so called “political” prisoners from Federal Prisons throughout the United States.
  7. On December 30, 2016, President Obama will fire any FBI regional directors or US Prosecutors who have acted against the interest of the Democratic Party or who are capable of launching an investigation against his administration after it departs office.
  8. All DHS/NSA records recorded or obtained via electronic surveillance will be ordered destroyed if it relates to economic, diplomatic, or domestic policy discussions regarding the Obama administration on December 30, 2016.
  9. At some point in 2016, at the urging of the Fed and US Treasury, President Obama will invoke an Executive Order which forces the US Government to accept the Chinese Yuan as payment for services or goods disbursed or sold by the American Government. This will include any indirect sales via auction of US Treasury instruments.
  10. Obama will issue an order allowing “undocumented aliens” to purchase a Green Card via a Treasury sponsored loan program where they pay a “penalty” of $5000 which is repayable over 20 years for any alien which can prove they have been inside the United States over 2 years.

While I am sure many of my readers can find even more terrifying ideas to add to this list, I attempted to keep it reasonable within the framework of how this regime operates. Hopefully I am wrong on all ten however, reality dictates that any percentage of those items becoming reality will disrupt American society for a decade or more to come.

Just as Obama would plan it.

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  1. John Zygmunt | 30/01/2017 at 15:37 |

    What a humorous piece of fiction and perceived victimhood this is to read in January 2017. What are you scared of now? Can you at least admit that you spent the last 8 years in complete fear over nothing? Absolutely none of this happened. Obama did have one executive order for deporting illegal immigrants that basically prioritized deportation of known criminals over families(Trump kind of sort of agreed to the same philosophy with just a harsher tone). What will you fear for the next 4 to 8 years? I’m sure you’ll still convince yourself that liberals still hold all the power, that is a lot easier than blaming your mediocrity and paranoia on yourself LOL

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