01.06.15 N. Korean Nuclear Deathburger Marketwatch: Nork Test Causes Almost 200 Point US Futures Plunge!

by John Galt
January 5, 2016, 2015 22:25 ET



Yeah, so much for a quiet day in trading today on low volume and a mixed close. North Korea apparently has put an end to that with their reported nuclear test this evening.

Guess what time the test occurred on this chart (via Investing.com):


Yup, first the China news posted here earlier then right after 9 p.m. ET real panic set in as the realization that the short little twerp is up to no good again; except this time he has a potentially successful SLBM to marry the warhead to.

US Futures are ugly with S&P Futures down around 21 points now (via Finviz):


But unusually for this situation, gold is somewhat neutral:

Meanwhile, Asian markets have turned south and hard (courtesy of YahooFinance):

And Australia down solidly over 1%:

The South Korean KOSPI down just under 1%:

And Taiwan’s TSEC taking a major 1.4%+ dump:

Interestingly enough, the Shanghai SSE is pretty much flat due to more massive intervention by the communists to keep it from collapsing completely.

For some strange reason I thought tomorrow would be a dull trading day as everyone anticipates the jobs data on Friday. Now? All bets are off for the week as geopolitical events have shredded any hope of traders trying to go long into the teeth of the global economic typhoon.

Meanwhile, in dedication to the crazy little bastard in North Korea, this musical respite:


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