The Obama Administration Raises the Stakes as U.S. Military Illegally Occupies Airfield in Syria

by John Galt
January 20, 2016 21:00 ET

President Barack Obama once spoke of how the Bush administration used the military in an unwise fashion. During a MTV/MySpace candidate town hall on February 2, 2008 Obama said the following:

For much of the campaign, Obama has sought to differentiate himself from Clinton by stressing that he was against the Iraq war from day one and, when asked if he would institute a draft as president, he once again used the occasion to put distance between himself and his chief rival. “I don’t think we need a draft,” said Obama. “What we need is a president who will deploy our military wisely. Going into Iraq was unwise and that’s why I opposed that war from the start.”

When asked why undecided voters concerned about foreign policy should vote for him over Clinton, Obama again stressed his opposition on the Iraq war and added that he “anticipated the problems” the U.S. has had in Pakistan and was against supporting its president, Pervez Musharraf.

Fast forward to the news today portending another foreign policy disaster in the coming post-Obama time period (via Al-Jazeera):

US ‘takes control’ of Rmeilan airfield in Syria

 US troops have taken control of Rmeilan airfield in Syria’s northern province of Hasakah to support Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told Al Jazeera.

The airfield near the city of Rmeilan, which will become the first US-controlled airbase in Syria, was previously controlled by the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The airfield is close to Syria’s borders with Iraq and Turkey.

“Under a deal with the YPG, the US was given control of the airport. The purpose of this deal is to back up the SDF, by providing weapons and an airbase for US warplanes,” Taj Kordsh, a media activist from the SDF told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.


The very military adventurism and undeclared wars which helped Obama ride a wave of stupid voter discontent into the White House will now leave the next President a huge foreign policy disaster to resolve. By positioning U.S. troops deep inside Syria near the borders of Iraq and Turkey and within the Kurdish region of control, the illegal occupation of a foreign country’s sovereign territory will now lead the American military closer into conflict with ISIS and worse, possibly even Russia.

Adding further complications to this matter, the de facto air cover the U.S. appears to be willing to provide to the Kurdish forces could be seen as a provocation by the Turkish military and thus they may wish to introduce even more troops into Syria and Iraq adding to the regional instability.

Knowing that this final year of Obama’s regime will be remembered for his scorched earth foreign policy where he turns up the turmoil and burns up any friendly relations we might have left in the world, is it beyond contemplation to fear that President Obama might just be laying the ground work for the beginning of World War III in the Middle East, leaving the next President to confront the Sunni and Shiite Islamic states in the region in addition to Russia and Turkey also?

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