Fox News and the MSM Celebrate Marco Rubio’s Participation Trophy from Iowa

by John Galt
February 2, 2016 19:30 ET


Senator Marco Rubio won 3rd place, not 2nd, not 1st, but 3rd place in the Iowa caucus last night. For those who have never played in any type of competitive environment, 3rd place is nothing more than a participation trophy and 2nd, as Donald Trump said, is for losers.

Then of course the RNC (Rubio News Channel, formerly Fox/FNC) dedicated almost 96 minutes of broadcast time to having their sycophants randomly appear on the air as ‘experts’ and proclaim that wow, gee, holy smokes, a third place finish in one of the smallest states in the Union is so awesome. Thank you for playing Pee-Wee Football this season Marco!

The next question is why in the world would Faux News continue to follow the failed Karl Rove strategy of jumping from RINO to RINO, fake conservative to hypocritical conservative, in an attempt to not only remain relevant this elections cycle, but to retain its tentative hold on the “conservative” Republican audience?

That answer is simple.

NewsCorp in the United States was built on being the anti-Mainstream Media during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Various talk shows were introduced with hosts like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and way back in the day John Gibson (still one of my faves) along with the token liberals to present the “fair and balanced” approach to commentary in addition to news content. A funny thing happened after the recession of 2007-2009 however on the way to the bank; the political elites who counted on FNC to tow the line and promote the Republican National Committee line along with the now so-called ‘establishment’ to preserve or enhance the status quo.

Fox News plateaued.

There was no great expansion of viewership or downloads. The internet had finally matured and supplanted the need for a conservative television/radio operation which attempted to control, rather than report the news. The hype created around Fox News as dying and the entire model for cable television and news reporting was under threat. There was not glowing die hard adoration of the hosts or their radio network, which upon its roll out was pathetically unprofessional in its presentation yet finally evolved. News became a secondary concern, offering opinion to guide or influence the news became the priority to maintain the balance between the establishment politicians of both parties and reporting anything which might embarrass them or the investors of NewsCorp.

Along comes the Tea Party revolution and voila, Fox News is clueless. After initially downplaying it, they realized that their network was a key part of the creation of the Tea Party due to some of the hosts on their network, not their news content. If anything, the revelation that it was a CNBC host in February of 2009 who initiated the idea of the Tea Party still shocks the world, to this day:

Of course the narrative, as the RNC and Fox would have many believe it was that activists inspired by their political elites and consultants created this.


This was a creation of the people and by the people and FNC and their ilk could not handle the blow back. After the 2010 election the Republicans and the Obama administration apparently worked hand in hand to sabotage the Tea Party movement using government regulatory agencies like the Internal Revenue Service. The political elites immediately panicked after the 2010 election and worked hard to find Tea Party light candidates who could act like Constitutional Conservatives but instead betray and cooperate with the establishment goon squad once they arrived in Washington, D.C.

The naivety of almost all of us was exposed immediately. Liars like Senators Scott Brown (R-MA), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Jeff Flake(R-AZ) who went to Washington and not within years, but weeks betrayed many of their promises and refused to answer to the electorate became apparent. After the incessant attacks and assaults from the media and government, much of the Tea Party withered in the 2012 and 2014 elections but still had an impact.

Fast forward to last night.

The desperation to block a repeat of 2010 was obvious and more so to prevent any hint of a 1980 usurping of the powers that be. Fox News, the commentators on the internet, talk radio, and various other news outlets proclaimed that Marco Rubio was last night’s big winner and that the establishment wing of the RNC was alive and well.

Congrats on participating in the 2016 Iowa Caucus Senator Rubio and FNC, along with all of your ilk because no matter what you say, you are still LOSERS as of midnight last night. This is not 2012, 2014, or even 1980 as the elitists are about to learn.

It’s 1920 and we the people are about re-impose the Constitution as the supreme law of the land on all of you lying, stealing, two bit thugs who have run our great nation into a multi-decade decline which shall require the anger of the citizenry to save our Republic. If anything, the liars should be happy we are not calling this the election of 1860.

For now.

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