Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump (VIDEO)

by John Galt
February 6, 2016 19:00 ET

I guess Ted Cruz nor Rand Paul would ever try to hit on this guy, er, transgender, er, ick, for an endorsement either. Anyways, here is an old comedy video from 2000 where Donald Trump reveals he will sniff, motorboat, or suck up to any woman/drag queen/Mayor to win approval to bulldoze some old lady’s home or just be disgusting by doing something the rest of us won’t do…

Good thing it wasn’t Hillary or I might have to question the “Donald’s” stubby fingered manhood…..

(Before all you Trumpertantrum losers whine, I know this was a humor video so freaking chill. But he’d sell his soul to make a buck which is what Capitalism is all about. Unfortunately for his supporters, he’d sell your souls to Satan also…)

Still waiting on the “Reverend” Jerry Falwell Junior’s input on “The Donald’s” numerous adulterous affairs….2 weeks later, sigh.

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