Oh the Trump Hypocrisy: Why is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Donating to Trump?

by John Galt
February 9, 2016 19:15 ET

From September 1, 2015 via CNN:

Small donors eh?



I guess he’s being sort of honest in that Tweet from above. Or is he?

Warren Buffett is technically in Omaha, Nebraska but a lot of these hedge funds donating to the Donald (via OpenSecrets.org courtesy of the Federal Elections Commission records) are based in New York and all around the country:


Weird. Left wing universities are donating to Trump, but more importantly, look at all those medically related corporations and the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) donating to Mr. Trump.

Keep in mind, these are the direct donations and I will not be able to access the SuperPAC donation list to Trump’s numerous SuperPAC’s until after the 1st quarter to illustrate just who is trying to donate the big money to his “cause.”

So what gives?

The really unusual thing is that the Donald promised not take money from large donors yet there is Warren Buffett’s corporations, two of them to be exact, donating to Trump; just like they did to rent and get favors from Obama.

Of course there is no way that Trump would allow this to influence him, right? He only makes deals, right? And of course if these people can help him get some deals done, then they want their backs scratched also, right?

Too bad the MSM and Captain Insaneo supporters of Trump will not recognize the danger right in front of their faces as there is not much difference between a Trump deal with Buffett and an Obama deal with Buffett.

Of course, Donald Trump will just accuse everyone else of forcing him to make these deals because every failure in his life is ALWAYS someone’s fault; just not his….

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