02.11.16 18:00 ET: Russia Warns Saudi and GCC Military supporting Rebels in Syria Risks a World War

by John Galt
February 11, 2016 18:30 ET

This is the kind of news in the old days that would cause gold to jump $100 in 5 minutes, however, since the chicken hawks who date camels are usually all talk and no action when it comes to military affairs unless the United States puts ten times then number of our own troops at risk, the reaction is only notable because of Russia’s stark warning.

Via The Daily Star in Lebanon, via various news agencies:

Russia warns Gulf intervention in Syria risks world war

Here are the key excerpts from the article:

Moscow warned Thursday that any move by Gulf nations to send in troops to support the rebels in Syria would risk a “new world war.” It also said that it had made a “quite specific” cease-fire proposal for Syria as foreign ministers gathered in Munich, hoping to revive a floundering peace process amid warnings of a “new world war.”

Meanwhile, a Saudi source said a new Saudi-led coalition to fight “terrorism” in Islamic countries will gather in the kingdom next month for its first publicly announced meeting.

Wow. The Saudis are once again trying to set up a scenario which drags Turkey and the United States into the conflict with minimal losses to their forces along with the GCC token force which would be sent into battle. Despite my criticisms of the House of Saud and their terrorist supporting religious dictatorship, they want to win the day for the Sunni in Syria, even if it takes dragging Europe and the United States into a NATO Article V. driven conflict where there is no international or domestic support from NATO nations to engage Russia over this Saudi adventure.

Meanwhile, in the Saudi state newspaper, The Arab News, there was no backing down on the commitment to send Gulf(GCC) ground troops into Syria:

At a separate news conference, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance agreed to deploy NATO airborne command and control aircraft in order to free up similar US aircraft for the campaign in Syria and Iraq. Details were to be worked out.

“We are looking into how we can step up our effort” beyond that, Stoltenberg said, suggesting that no additional NATO military contributions are imminent.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia said its offer to send ground troops into Syria in an attempt to bolster and toughen efforts against terrorists is an “irreversible decision.”

Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition force in Yemen, said that Riyadh is “ready” and will fight with its US-led coalition allies to defeat Daesh militants in Syria.

However, he said, Washington is more suitable to answer questions on further details about any future ground operations. “We are representing Saudi (decision) only in sending troops,” he said.

The only way this could be read is that the Saudis are hoping that by creating a massive confluence of NATO air and ground forces in the region along with Saudi and GCC troops, the likelihood of a Russian or Syrian assault on those forces to defend Syrian territory will trigger a NATO response causing a worldwide conflict to force Russia to focus its military elsewhere. This series of provocations by the Saudis seems to be testing the resolve of Iran and Russia and by doing so, raising the risk of an actual global conflict to which for them will obliterate their nation as Russia will not allow Mecca and Riyadh go unscathed should such a war begin.

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