GRAPHIC Video Shows Saudi Observation Post Wiped out INSIDE Saudi Arabia’s Najran Province

by John Galt
February 12, 2016 21:45 ET

The following is a graphic video of a Houthi attack on a hillside observation post inside of Saudi Arabia somewhere in the Najran Province along the Yemeni border.

For those with sensitivities, this is combat with real blood and dead Saudi soldiers so if you can’t handle it, don’t watch it.

The attack could have occurred anywhere along the long border region with Saudi Arabia and Yemen in this area as displayed on this map:


One thing is for certain; whatever propaganda the Saudis continue to feed their domestic population is being betrayed by the arrival of body bags from the front lines. The Houthi are not scared to cross into Saudi Arabia and ambush convoys or officers traveling in small groups near the Yemeni border as these older video demonstrates:

Or attack American supplied Abrams tanks inside Najran province also:

This war, much like the Syrian “Civil” War is not going according to the desires or wishes of the House of Saud nor the GCC monarchs. It would appear that the regular Saudi and GCC forces are well equipped but poorly trained schleps who are ill-equipped for fighting a rebellion inside their own country or any other nation for that matter. If a bunch of sandal clad Houthi can hit the Saudis like this on a regular basis, and trust me there are hours of these videos on the internet, then how well would they fare against Syrian or Russian regulars inside of Syria?


Not very well in this author’s opinion and thus the threat that the Saudi/GCC entry into the Syrian conflict is nothing more than an attempt to draw NATO into a major Middle East war.

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