Rush Limbaugh is Wrong: Dems are Engaged in Reverse Operation Chaos with Trump

by John Galt
February 15, 2016 17:50 ET

On today’s radio program, El Rushbo unleashed his theory to explain the extremely Democrat Party behavior of one Donald J. Trump at the Republican Debate on Saturday night:

His theory or theories in a nutshell is that Trump has hit his ceiling with Conservative voters and the anger expressed by the masses is so extreme that it crosses party lines.

Sorry Rush, you are wrong.

Rush touched on the crux of the matter later in your show where The Right Scoop website accurately portrays a very plausible scenario as to why Trumpertantrum is on the attack. Donald’s internal polls were collapsing before the debate and his behavior on Saturday night only exacerbated an already tenuous situation which has offended the hard core Republican moderates AND Conservatives.

While I am no fan of George W. Bush what Rush is missing is that in South Carolina, politeness to a point is an important asset for a leader. Attacking a revered man who led our nation through an extremely difficult time in American history, however, is crossing the line between hardball politics and being a rude, impolite buffoon. The irrational actions and words in Saturday night’s debate are not reflective of a man with a long term plan to win the nomination, but instead of a reactionary brat with an apparent personal vendetta against the Bush family with an inability to handle pressure that has been displayed repeatedly via immature outbursts of name calling, obscenities, and pro-liberal talking points.

This is where El Rushbo missed the boat and it can be summed up in this list of primaries which are open or mixed in the 2016 election season:


American Samoa












New Hampshire *

New Jersey

North Carolina


Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina





West Virginia



The Democrats have their nominee and the American people are being deliberately misled by the television networks to try to create a drama within the left that an actual socialist has any influence on the Democratic Party leadership. Nothing is further from the truth as they have rigged the primaries and upcoming states to provide Hillary Clinton with an overwhelming delegate count and advantage which can not be overcome by April or May of this year.

Thus the Democrats can now have their fun at the expense of Conservatives and serious politicians wishing to revive the Constitution as the principled center point of the upcoming campaign.

Welcome to the DNC version of Reverse Operation Chaos.

Donald Trump is on the rampage again today (courtesy again of The Right Scoop):

UGH: Trump now threatening to go back on his third-party pledge and run as INDEPENDENT

Video of his statements:

So now Trumpertantrum is threatening to renege on his promise because of a perceived mistreatment by the Republican Party leadership. If anyone has a right to complain about this (but he won’t) it is Ted Cruz. Trumpertantrum’s threat however comes with an interesting support group from his former friends that he donated to until 2014; if the Democrats assume Hillary is in the bag the only way she can win the election is to so fracture the Republican vote that she can waltz into office.

Thus Donald Trump is the new Theodore Roosevelt, in progressive spirit only of course.

While Teddy was a boisterous over-zealous believer in big government, Trump is willing to lie about his past positions to accomplish the goal of winning the Republican nomination. However with serious candidates like Ted Cruz and to some degree Marco Rubio running, Trumpertantrum runs the risk of not winning an outright majority thus forcing a very contentious brokered convention. Since in such a scenario, the Republican Party’s establishment and cooler conservative leadership would prevail meaning Cruz or Rubio would be the nomination, odds are Donald Trump will run as an independent.

How does this benefit Hillary and the Democratic Party?

Just like 1912, Theodore Roosevelt’s failure to win the Republican nomination resulted in his run as the Progressive Party candidate guaranteeing the most leftist, progressive President in U.S. history up to that point. In fact it was such a disaster, the Republicans only garnered 23% of the vote, running behind Roosevelt’s 27% as Wilson won with 41.8% of the vote (Note: Eugene Debs, the Socialist Party won 6%). It turned out to be a disaster for the United States and our nation which sill reverberates throughout our government and political system to this very day.

Thus why should a Democrat vote for Hillary in a rigged primary system when one can engage in reverse chaos and destroy the Republican Party when as Rush said about Ted Cruz, “The Closest In Our Lifetimes We Have Ever Been To Ronald Reagan.”

The Democrats can not win on the issues and the Republican Establishment does not recognize the anger of the masses, as expressed in this September 2, 2015 Politico article entitled “Haters for Trump.” This excerpt should be a red flag for any Conservative about the Trumpertantrum road show:

People who in the past might have gone to the polls only to register their disdain for politicians by writing in “Mickey Mouse” — or perhaps even “Donald Trump” — now have a Republican front-runner to rally around.

Like many sincere Trump supporters, they believe the system is totally screwed up. But instead of viewing Trump as the solution, they view him as the embodiment of the problem. And they say they’re prepared to vote for him to prove it.

“This is the candidate America deserves,” said Jeff DeFlavio, 29, a small-business owner registered as an independent in the nearby town of Lebanon. He said he plans to vote for Trump in the primary, but adds, “His immigration policy is disgusting to me. It’s absolutely revolting … I really don’t want him to become president ever. Ever. He would destroy the world, which is what’s so wonderful about him.”

It is a terrifying thought that this is a reflection of the TV reality voter engaged this cycle. Trump has demonstrated no principles worthy of consideration by serious conservatives, no expression of or support of Constitutional rights on a consistent basis, nor any loyalty to the Republican Party  of whom he is seeking the nomination. In most cases, one might think that biting the hand that feeds them is a bad prospect but in reality Trump’s ego is greater than logic as he knows everything and is not afraid to remind everyone of this fact; even if he fails to provide facts to back up his argument. In his world rhetoric is more important than policy which can be executed with a cell phone and a pen at any whim, just like Obama.

Should this fiasco continue on beyond South Carolina with Donald Trump losing to another Republican candidate, we can look forward to the conspiracy theorists being proved right that his entry into the race was nothing more than a plan to ensure Hillary’s election to the Presidency even though she is patently unpopular and will fail to carry a majority of the vote in this nation. The Republican convention will probably end up as a war zone with Trump taking his toys and supporters and going home to run third party as no distinct majority wave of support for him will appear on the convention floor.

In the end, history will repeat itself. A popular conservative Republican like Taft, either Cruz or Rubio, will lose to a Progressive Democrat(Hillary) and a Progressive whatever party name Trump selects.

Just like 1912.

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