Trump is an Angry Oompah-Loompah over the NBC/WSJ poll: Head-to-Head Cruz 56% Trump 40%

by John Galt
February 17, 2016 19:25 ET

As the news media hit the airwaves at 6 p.m. Eastern Time tonight, the NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll hit the wires causing a Trumpertantrum that might cause the New Madrid Fault Line to activate some tremors as the Trumpbrats all stomp their feet on the ground in unison like a group of 5 years old spoiled rotten children who don’t get ice cream when they want it:

Surprise: Trump Falls Behind Cruz in National NBC/WSJ Poll


While that might cause some upset tumbly wumblies in the world of Trumpland, the bigger story was this excerpt from the survey:

And in hypothetical one-on-one match ups, Trump trails both Cruz (56 percent to 40 percent) and Rubio (57 percent to 41 percent). In January, Trump was ahead of Rubio (by seven points) but behind Cruz (by eight points).

So for the sake of saving America, would Dr. Carson, Jeb!, and that loser from Ohio please get the hell out of this race. America needs to choose between these three candidates only so we can get it down to a Cruz/Trump one on one match up. I figure that is how it will go as the amnesty king has way too many interviews in Spanish and old Marco has apparently never heard of this unique webpage called “Google Translate.”

Stay tuned as the next 96 hours will be fascinating to watch.

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