Only a Political Hail Mary will Save America Now

by John Galt
February 20, 2016 22:00 ET

Tonight, the people of South Carolina have spoken.

Apparently PCP was legalized there and given freely to Republican Primary voters without fear of penalty or prosecution.

And what they said with their vote is indicative of what happens in nations which are experiencing their final decline and fall into the dustbin of history.

It started when the financial crisis of 2007-2008 hit the electorate which was already experiencing a massive decline in their standard of living and accelerated with frightening speed as some of us predicted, with the culmination in morons like John McCain the Republican candidate stating the economy was essentially fine as banks were failing by the boatload.

In rides America’s Grape Kool-Aid flavor of the day:

OBAMA_GRAPE_KOOL_AID_jgflaYeah, that guy.

It was so bad there were financial/stock bloggers who promoted voting for “something different” and “the first black President to right history,” even though these same ignorant idiots of history refused to acknowledge that he was a Marxist in drag who wanted to do nothing more than either succeed or set the table for our nation to accelerate into a Euro-Socialist toilet, bereft and removed of its proud past with a revised history and education system which reflected his ideology and personal views. Of course now some of these same bloggers and talking heads want a new flavor to save the day.

One would think that after 7 years of this, America would have had enough and by golly they have!

Now it would appear they want America’s Strawberry Kool-Aid flavor of the day:


If this is what you want as a voter, it’s your country, you can vote it into oblivion and I don’t care. I have a way out, you probably do not.

But if one has listened to history, paid attention to the results of the 2008 election and its consequences, this is our last chance to act.

Old Knute, we need you to win one more game for us now and the Gipper; now, more than ever.

Let us hope and pray that a true Hail Mary pass is completed by the end of the Super Tuesday Primaries or nay, it is a sad but real possibility:

America might well pass into history as that grand experiment which failed because it abandoned its Constitution, its Faith, and Capitalism.

In the end, no matter the flavor, mass consumption of political Kool-Aid ends the same for every country, just like it did in the fields of Guyana.


3 Comments on "Only a Political Hail Mary will Save America Now"

  1. Rosemead | 21/02/2016 at 16:25 |

    Ok, Who would be this “Hail Mary”, Who do you want to win. My guy was Scott Walker.

    • I think my web page spells it out but in reality it looks dim. Ted Cruz needs a Hail Mary, otherwise we’re going to have two Democrats running for President, Trump v. Hillary or Sanders.

      • Rosemead | 22/02/2016 at 01:05 |

        Ted Cruz is my next choice.

        You need to stop giving Trump free advertising, and talking up Ted more. I admire what Ted has done in the Senate, most people do not know/understand what a positive that is.

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