Donald Trump’s Fatal Presidential Mistake in Attacking Ted Cruz Personally

by John Galt
February 23, 2016 22:45 ET

Just a brief note to remind everyone of the consequences of making politics personal, and worse, using falsehoods to destroy another mans honor and reputation.

While Ted Cruz has been falsely accused of all types of bullcrap, if Donald Trump should ascend to the Presidency, the short little prick is forgetting one very important fact:

SENATOR Ted Cruz still has two more years left in his term!

If the Donald thinks that Senator Cruz will simply rubber stamp his court and cabinet nominees, there is a rude awakening for the Trumpertantrum awaiting him with regards to Senate procedure.

The other fact that the boisterous billionaire is overlooking is that his style is not only alienating a large portion of the Republican base, but in fact mobilizing the Democrats to exploit his lack of coat tails to re-seize control of the U.S. Senate from a weakened and inept GOP leadership. The Republicans have at least ten tough races and five seats in grave trouble; and if anyone thinks that for one moment that a bunch of liberals won’t help Cruz obstruct el Trumpertantrum to get back at him for winning the election via his nasty tricks and attacks, the Trumpeteer club is sadly mistaken. Cruz knows far more about how the Senate and legislative process works than Trump could ever digest in a month of briefings from his staff (which apparently he ignores now also).

Oh and believe me, Senator Rand Paul will not allow a “President Trump” to engage in unconstitutional actions or non-conservative appointments either. This is the cost for Mr. Trump burning bridges now that he fails to foresee as a roadblock in the future.

The first six months of paralysis in a Trump administration will be a disaster.

Especially if the economic nightmare I foresee becomes reality; the same type of one that I warned about in 2007 and became a fact which lead to the Muslim Marxist in Chief we have endured over the last seven plus years of agony.

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