Why did Telemundo and CNN Allow Roseanne Roseannadanna to ask Questions at the GOP Debate?

by John Galt February 25, 2016 21:21 ET I mean, seriously. Even Trump is annoyed at her. Carson is clueless. Kasich looks like he’s about to cry. Ted Cruz just laid a Texas sized asswhuppin on her. And Marco Rubio asked for her private phone number for after hours as he is the Republican Bill Clinton in this race. For those that don’t remember her insightful news analysis:  

Shanghai Stock Exchange Shellacked with 6.41% Decline Overnight

by John Galt February 25, 2016 05:15 ET No wonder I couldn’t sleep. There was a bear porn movie on in at the Shanghai Stock Exchange: After the initial down draft, the lunch time break failed to prevent the afternoon panic. After a brief bout of government intervention before 2 pm local time, everyone bailed. This is a very bad omen for March. The US markets might have the cheerleaders out discussing how the bear is over, the correction has corrected, and that this is the buying opportunity of a life…

A Premonition Bout of Insomnia

by John Galt February 25, 2016 02:15 ET When one has to get up for work at 4: 30 a.m. to drive all over the West Coast of Florida to meet clients, sleep is usually an essential part of a successful professional program. Then again, when one stares at charts, graphs, data, and interacts with people on a daily basis, sometimes something that is said or seen can cause not an anxiety, but concern to the point where one can not sleep, no matter what. The storm that is about to…

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