A Premonition Bout of Insomnia

by John Galt
February 25, 2016 02:15 ET

When one has to get up for work at 4: 30 a.m. to drive all over the West Coast of Florida to meet clients, sleep is usually an essential part of a successful professional program.

Then again, when one stares at charts, graphs, data, and interacts with people on a daily basis, sometimes something that is said or seen can cause not an anxiety, but concern to the point where one can not sleep, no matter what.

The storm that is about to hit the world is far worse than anything I had ever foreseen in 2007-2008 and beyond the comprehension of the average sheeple on the street.

When I try to have a rational conversation about the economic disaster about to hit, I get the “oh shit, not this crap again look” and the conversation dies. Usually I am the life of the party but when it comes to politics, world affairs or the economy, everyone groans because they don’t want to relive a repeat of 2008-2009.

Yet here we are again, as a nation, the lessons unlearned, the rationality of viable solutions ignored, and a larger crisis with even more inept economic and political leadership at the helm. As I jot down these random thoughts overnight, it reminds me of sitting in the back yard, watching the flying squirrels hopping from tree to tree at night. Then suddenly, boom, an owl snatches one in mid-air and of course the next day I have to clean up the remnants.

Only this time, with what is about to hit, there is no average person, average banker, or politician that can clean up what remains of our national political economy when it implodes. No Patton to lead the charge, no Eisenhower to offer calm rational solutions, no Thomas Jefferson to urge that our people stick to the Constitution and let the chips fall where they may.

Wall Street will look to Washington, Washington will look to Silicon Valley, and Silicon Valley will stare a blue screen of death wondering what just hit us.

Too bad my neighbors, my friends won’t listen again as they lose their homes, their jobs, and their freedoms. As this time, it truly is different and far worse as when the economic structure fails, everything is shredded and with it with little recognizable remains to reassemble.

God help us.

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