This is Perhaps the WORST Movie Review in History

by John Galt February 27, 2016 20:35 ET All I can say is wow. The new movie Gods of Egypt must really, really, really, suck. It only received a 13% critics rating on RottenTomatoes.com but this one review has to be the worse review of a movie I’ve ever read in my life. Just wow. IF you decide to go watch this movie,  you’re a better person than I because that review is not just a warning, but a repulsive one at that. You can read the full review at this…

WOW! People WALKING OUT of another Trump Speech Today!

by John Galt February 27, 2016 19:30 ET There have been a lot of reports of Republicans walking out of Trump speeches in Arkansas and Texas, but here’s some video evidence from the Bentonville, AR speech to support that:   #NeverTrump Trump supporters are literally heading for the exits, today: pic.twitter.com/6TUuncORaS — David Mullin (@RD_Mullin) February 27, 2016 If the South does what it needs to do to stop this lying piece of garbage then our Republic AND our Constitution has a chance. Great work David Mullin for capturing this!

02.27 BREAKING NEWS: Irish Pro-Austerity Government Coalition Falls in Shocking Election Defeat

by John Galt February 27, 2016 18:00 ET The implications of the message from the Irish people is quite clear and unmistakable: From AFP (via Yahoo): Irish government concedes election defeat <excerpted> Irish prime minister Enda Kenny conceded defeat on Saturday following elections that saw the governing coalition punished by voters weary of austerity, leaving the eurozone country in political limbo with no clear winner. “Clearly the government of Fine Gael and Labour are not going to be returned to office,” Kenny, the leader of the centre-right Fine Gael party, told…

IL Douche Trump Wants to Unilaterally Abolish parts of the 1st Amendment

by John Galt February 27, 2016 13:30 ET It amazes me just how many people keep drinking the Kool-Aid and don’t listen to the vile, UNConstitutional edicts, words, and declarations of this man. Now, because bloggers, talk show hosts, and parts of the mainstream media refuses to bow down in hero worship to the Trumpertantrum, he wants to unilaterally modify the 1st Amendment to his liking by changing the libel laws. Don’t believe me? Listen to the words of Il Douche himself: Next on his list of items to be modified…

Meet some of the Victims of Donald Trump and his University

by John Galt February 27, 2016 13:15 ET But Trump never hurts the little guy is a lie now being blown up day by day. Will America stop this liar or will this Jonestown like cult succeed in nominating him and creating a disaster for our nation’s future. Of course all of these victims of the Trump University scam might have a differing opinion on how wonderful the con artist running for the Republican nomination: Sherri, a single mom: Kevin: Bob, a retiree:

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