IL Douche Trump Wants to Unilaterally Abolish parts of the 1st Amendment

by John Galt
February 27, 2016 13:30 ET

It amazes me just how many people keep drinking the Kool-Aid and don’t listen to the vile, UNConstitutional edicts, words, and declarations of this man.

Now, because bloggers, talk show hosts, and parts of the mainstream media refuses to bow down in hero worship to the Trumpertantrum, he wants to unilaterally modify the 1st Amendment to his liking by changing the libel laws. Don’t believe me? Listen to the words of Il Douche himself:

Next on his list of items to be modified because he knows more about the Bill of Rights:

Probably the 4th, 5th, and 10th just for starters.

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