Proof Positive that Fox News HATES Conservatives and Especially Ted Cruz

by John Galt
February 28 2016 13:40 ET

I won’t waste my reader’s time by posting the Chris Wallace interview with Donald Trump this morning on Fox News Sunday where such hard hitting questions as “how comfy is your chair” and “do you like eating Southern food” were asked. Instead, let’s watch Chris demonstrate his obvious bias against Ted Cruz, probably on orders from Rupert Murdoch, with Ted being grilled with Trump opposition research questions and talking points:

And the FNC brass now can call itself proudly a member of the mainstream media so they can go on golf outings with the NBC, CBS, and ABC crew or play golf with President Trump and Rush Limbaugh at the Camp David course.

No wonder conservatives are bailing on watching their propaganda in droves and seeking alternatives on the internet like LevinTV.

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