America’s Political Descent into Darkness

by John Galt
March 2, 2016 05:00

Super Tuesday is over.

Barring a miracle in the remaining primaries, America’s political descent into darkness and the end of Pax Americana in our life time will occur.

How fitting it is that the program designed by the wizards of genius who changed all of the primary and caucus rules for the Republican Party and thought that by doing so they would guarantee an easy Jeb Bush establishment designed victory.

Then came along Donald J. Trump.

The Republican National Committee dismissed his candidacy as a television fad last spring and summer, surmising much like they did with their primary rules and calculations that he was a passing fancy or fad.

Wrong again.

Despite Senator Ted Cruz’s noble efforts to carry the banner for Conservatism, the Establishment thought that by throwing their weight behind Jeb!, then Christie, then Kasich, and finally behind the former Tea Party hypocrite Marco Rubio, they could defeat Ted Cruz AND block a Trump candidacy.

Once again, they were wrong.

Their efforts and hate for Ted Cruz has all but guaranteed the end of the Republican Party as we know it, and based on current polling, a potential Hillary Clinton Presidency.

What is worse, however, is that Establishment morons miscalculated the American people’s anger and to double down, have attacked the Tea Party candidates running for re-election in the House and Senate spending millions to remove them from their seats. The consequences of this attack could all but guarantee Hillary’s election as America’s next President. How you might ask? Donald  Trump’s appeal was to unify the Republican Party base with the discontented blue collar Reagan Democrats and peel off a percentage of middle class minorities with his message. The miscalculation for Trump however was to make things personal with several candidates and their families; while that may not cause a lot of people to use the #NEVERTRUMP message, it will impact turnout for the evangelicals and others dissatisfied with the course of his primary campaign.

But the sin still being committed by the RNC is far worse.

By deliberately attacking Cruz in public with such sarcastic dribble from Lindsey Graham about killing him on the Senate floor or belittling the voters for Tea Party candidates nationwide, they now risk losing the U.S. Senate and possibly even the House. The Tea Party conservatives have no motivation, no unifying Conservative leader, no reason to believe or trust the RNC thus the candidates they are installing nationwide in Senate and House races will not stimulate but instead suppress turnout. The RNC and Trump believe they do not have to have the full conservative base to win; that if a Bible thumping Christian doesn’t like the way he thumps his two Corinthians they need to go back to their plow in Amish country and shut up.

The blow-back from this will be unimaginable.

For the sake of argument however, let’s assume Hillary melts down and succeeds in losing her gift wrapped election provided by the Republican Party.

President Trump will have bigger problems than he thinks to deal with.

There is a Republican based misconception that the Democrats are stupid and shortsighted. That is the furthest fact from reality. The Democrats have re-examined their losses over the past decade in state, local, and Federal legislative elections and come to one conclusion: Give more welfare away, grow their voter base via illegal aliens, and destroy the Republicans at all cost.

Thus the Democrat plan becomes clearer:

Plan for 2020 and spur the Republicans on to eat themselves alive.

First and foremost a President Trump will be forced to deal with Senate Majority leader Elizabeth Warren. While the conventional thinking is that the senile old coot from Nevada will be allowed to ride into the sunset, the truth is that by making her the Majority Leader, the Democrats now get to use the same free media Trump uses and exploits on a daily basis. The Dems under Warren’s leadership will decry on a nightly basis the radical policies of President Trump and with somewhat crude attacks they the era will be called “The Trump Tyranny” or something similar and catchy. This four years of public prep work and spotlight as a “reasonable voice of the people” will put her light years ahead of any Republican contender if Trump fails to fulfill his campaign promises and elects not to run for re-election.

Secondly, and far more devious is what the GOP Establishment might do to sabotage the nation in revenge for repudiating their politicians and policies.

I would look for the Republican leadership under McConnell to first bypass Senator Cruz’s filibuster and move to appoint a mutually agreed to “moderate” Obama Supreme Court nominee in December of this year during the lame duck session. By putting one of Obama’s stooges on the court, that all but guarantees a massive number of court rulings voiding Trump’s Executive decisions and policies, not to mention preventing any more protections for the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments of our Constitution.

Next the Obama administration and Republican leadership will moderate their amnesty program so they can disguise it and attach the new shamnesty to a defense appropriation which will sail through the Senate by a simple majority and the House by just two or three votes. This will nullify any positions that President Trump may wish to take unilaterally at first to stem the flow of illegals across the border and effectively dilute the future voter pool to a point where the potential for a Tea Party resurgence is almost zero.

Lastly, I fear the American people will just give up. We are exhausted after eight years of Obama. Our government has turned against us, leaving us angry, divided, and beaten down. Many will try to fight, only to be defeated by Obama’s remaining days in power and the two political parties.

The divisive, nasty primaries will be followed up with an extremely nasty Presidential race with two of the dirtiest political families will go to virtual war with each other, even as both candidates might be forced into courtrooms to defend their actions in the past during the campaign. Disgust, not patriotism will be the motivating factor for low turnout in this Presidential election; a disgust with the parties, the leaders, and the process which will no longer be tolerated by the electorate but instead of action this time it will be met with indifference.

As those who were more concerned with playing golf at Camp David or Doral one more time in their lifetimes with their politically powerful friends; those more concerned about their vision of party power and policy over the Constitution; and those who said voters were ignorant and should be forced into government dependency, their future is about to come true. America will no longer be the once great Republic or ‘shining city on the hill’ which invites the world to join our society of freedom and capitalism.

Instead we will descend into darkness as every other great empire has throughout history.

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