03.08 Warm up the Grill: Deathburger Markets have Returned as Asia Craters

by John Galt
March 7, 2016 21:30 ET


Never let Janet Yellen light your grill for a Deathburger.

So Japanese GDP was worse (not a shock),  China is a clusterTrump (not a shock), and the Asian economy is incinerating investors like there is no tomorrow because there is no tomorrow.

How is this suddenly playing out tonight?

Japan as of this posting is down about 311 or 1.84% (via YahooFinance):



China is not doing much better, now down around 2.8%:

US Futures on the S&P 500 e-Minis have turned lower indicating a not so hot day tomorrow, but it is still early (via FINVIZ):

And gold surges back towards the key $1280 per ounce level once again:

Keep in mind a close above the $1280 price mark on heavy volume is super bullish; if gold holds above the price level for 10 days or more, the bull is back.

Stay tuned as this could be a very interesting day all of the sudden….

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