Why I Voted for Senator Ted Cruz in the Florida Republican Primary

by John Galt
March 15, 2016 18:40 ET


Despite the rumors, lies, and nonsense being spread by the GOP establishment, Donald Trump and his army of attack dogs, and the Democrats who despise him for his refusal to negotiate on issues of Constitutional importance, Senator Ted Cruz remains standing in the Republican Presidential Primaries with a chance to win the nomination against all odds.

I did my part today by voting for this man in the Florida Republican Primary.

The conspiracy loons and others tell you why to hate and avoid this man and I shall admit, I am guilty of doing the same to Donald Trump; but it was all about the blood-sport known as politics and it will only get worse in the weeks ahead.

Thus I shall give everyone the justification for supporting Senator Cruz in a short summary format with only one reason, above all else, to keep his candidacy in the forefront when deciding on who to vote for as it comes down to Cruz or Trump.

Who do you want controlling the Federal Government to protect your Constitutional freedoms and the economic system, or what’s left of it, formerly known as ‘Capitalism’?

There is no debate, no discussion, nor reason for disagreement; Trump offers only lip service to the latter and has yet to account for his positions regarding the individual’s rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.

This is not the year nor election for an experiment or revenge vote against the neo-Socialism of the two political parties dominating our system for the past twenty plus years.

It is time to vote for the Constitution and the last candidate standing who believes in Libertarian values within the GOP.

It is time for all serious Americans to unify behind Senator Ted Cruz.

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