Dear Ted Cruz, It’s all but over Except for the Fat Glenn Beck Crying

by John Galt
March 16, 2016 16:25 ET

Dear Senator Ted Cruz,

It is with great sadness that I must announce that your campaign to become the nominee of the Republican Party for the 2016 Presidential Election is realistically coming to an anti-climatic end. The strategy you and/or your staff adopted was brilliant for 2008 or 2012, however the economic and geopolitical realities have changed since that time, and this new era of politics is no longer based on the rule of law, the Constitution, or international threats. Sadly, it is all about taking back from the neo-globalists and Socialists the shift our nation has experienced in the past 50 years and exacting revenge on everyone, be it they deserve it or not, who created this national crisis.

The reality is that the math is not there, whether you read one article stating you need 78% of the remaining delegates or another 87% and it is irrelevant; the GOP Establishment will block you from ever having any sway over the convention’s outcome on the floor in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

The other fact being hidden from the public is that the Mitch McConnell’s and Orrin Hatch’s of the world remember the humiliation of their Senatorial forefathers in 1980, when Ronald Reagan seized control of Lincoln’s party and allowed the American people to actually have some degree of influence over the selection and election of our political officials. Their nightmare scenario was for you, Mr. Cruz, to win the nomination and create another Conservative revolution within the Republican Party thus initiating a shift back to strict Constitutional ideals as the guiding force for political action and discussion. This could not and would not be allowed to happen, even if it meant party officials giving serious credence to the rantings of John Kasich.

Sadly, the GOPe will now engage in back room deals with Donald Trump. Instead of forcing him to debate you on the issues, they will bow down to his requests and in exchange, he will start to help raise money for down ticket establishment politicians along with currying favor to prevent any resurgence of any type of Tea Party which promotes ideas that Trump vehemently disagrees with. The Trumpsters have decided to play ball with the GOPe who in turn will agree to let Donald have his way up to a point in a power sharing agreement where he protects some of the establishment’s interests while passing some of the so-called bold programs he proposes as a trade off to create the illusion of change in Washington.

Your best and only course of action, Senator, is to stay in the race all the way to Cleveland and pressure the Republicans to adopt an extremely populist yet conservative platform and coax Trump into nominating someone who is not 100% in the bag for the establishment as Vice-Presidential nominee. After the convention, we need you in Washington, D.C. to finish out your term, NOT to serve in this upcoming disaster of an administration. There are only a few other Senators like yourself who will fight to block any extra-Constitutional actions a President Trump or God Help Us, President Hillary Clinton may attempt.

Thank you for standing on principles even though your name was slandered, your honor challenged without cause, and your family ruthlessly insulted by not just Trump, but the followers who have no idea what they are about to unleash on our nation.

History is a beast best left in its cage, not allowed to repeat by roaming wild once again.





P.S. – Glenn, you can cry now.

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