That Fresh Clean Feeling after Decontamination

by John Galt
March 16, 2016 17:25 ET

I feel like I just had one of those showers like you see in a biological warfare or nuclear war movie. It was refreshing. It was saintly.

I have that fresh spring morning euphoria where I no longer smell like I’ve been shoveling fertilizer for twelve hours a day, seven days a week, without ever cleaning up.

For months now, I’ve been suffering a blood toxicity and enduring great pain due to contamination from the mainstream media, zombie calls soliciting money for “The Party”, and of course inane mailings suggesting I answer surveys or support others.

But I feel MUCH better now.

That’s right:


Now that the Florida Republican Primary is over with and my guy lost, I have changed my voter registration back to its natural form where it has been since 2004.

Screw the RNC and ALL OF THE RINO’s, especially that joke we have as Governor of the State.

Now I know what it feels like to complete rehab and detox.

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