The Delegate Math does not look Good for Ted Cruz or #NeverTrump

by John Galt
March 16, 2016 20:00 ET

And it looks even worse for the GOP Establishment. Based on my estimates and the behavior of voters this season in varying states, this is how I see the rest of the races in the 2016 Republican Primary:


As some radio hosts or fellow Ted Cruz supporters might try to indicate via hopium, the thought process is that Senator Cruz can do well in some of the upcoming states. Without any debates, with free media being shunted by Trump and the MSM to favor his campaign, and with the RNC elites currently holding quiet negotiations with the Trump campaign to establish a clear future for their precious power it is doubtful on several fronts that Senator Cruz can overcome the following:

  • Arizona – Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake will probably quietly work with former Governor Jan Brewer to get the state party to favor Trump over Cruz as they are the ultimate insider dirtbags. In addition, Flake might openly endorse Donald Trump once Senator McCain releases his leash and gives him permission to run around in the park chasing Frisbee’s and endorsing anyone who will talk to him.
  • Wisconsin – Governor Scott Walker might act like a conservative but I could see him selling out to support Trump for a cabinet position.
  • CT, DE, MD, PA, RI – Just like Yankees don’t play well in Texas, Texans don’t play well in the Northeast; especially Texans like Senator Cruz who want less government and more freedom.
  • Indiana – Because it is an open primary, look for Reverse Operation Chaos where Hillary quietly implores her voters to support Trump.
  • OR & WA – Look for a media ad blitz with quiet support from big tech to help Trump; the era of buying the Donald will begin in earnest.
  • CA – All Hollyweird, all MSM blitz, all the time; Cruz doesn’t stand a chance

Thus I disagree with the television and radio pundits who are promoting the crazy idea that this will be a brokered convention or contested convention; the reason they want this to drag on through July is for ratings, pure and simple. Based on my estimates, Trump will have more than enough delegates to win the race outright and on the first ballot. Once the race is settled on June 7th, the American people will tune out Trump, RAPIDLY turn off Faux News programs and other political shows, reduce their exposure to talk radio, and start enjoying summer. Too bad for these smug people absorbed with their own self-importance that we will remind them that we don’t care who they are or what they say.

Once the Democrat Party circus, aka, “convention” is over with, then the American people will start to watch election coverage in full again, right after Labor Day. That is the historic pattern of American elections and history once again will validate what I say as the race has been entertaining but once it is over, who can stomach any more of this crap for a while?

That is Realville, deal with it.


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