by John Galt
March 20, 2015 20:00 ET


 ** NOTE: The following commentary is not a slam on the truly handicapped; those individuals unable to walk due to accident, war injuries, etc. Please do not perform the typical short sighted politically correct view and assume I attacking all handicapped individuals, because that is not what this editorial is all about.

Today was a typical American day in my household. The only errand I really had to run was into town to pick up a few grocery items, some things for the home, and gas up one of the vehicles in our humble household. The trip was uneventful but what I witnessed reminded me of what I see while working every day as to where our nation is today, and how it is falling faster minute by minute.

Today’s trip was not unlike a shopping adventure to WalMart or some other big box retailer or warehouse club. I witnessed a women in her early sixties or late fifties by my estimate in front of me at the cashier’s check out. I wasn’t really paying attention as she unloaded the basket from her electric wheelchair, that the grocery stores are now required to provide, until I unloaded the few items that I had. Here was your prototypical American who could not walk, apparently due to her weight, unloading frozen pizzas, fatty snacks and chips, Coca-Cola (full sugar), ice cream, candies, cookies, and some frozen dinners. The site on the conveyor belt was one to behold as nary a vegetable or fruit was to be found. Naturally, we the taxpayers helped her pay for her trough full of junk food.

Perhaps the woman I saw is suffering from inherited diabetes. Or worse, maybe she was just a lazy fat butt. Shortly after checking out, confirmation of my worse nightmare came true as I was walking out the door and she had parked the Hoveround like device to unload that cart of 4 bags into a shopping cart so she could walk slowly with the cart to her care a whopping 20 feet or so to a handicapped parking space. Is this an isolated incident?


Go to WalMart, Target, K-Mart, a shopping mall, wholesale club, you name it, you’ll see it every damned day.

This is a nation which seems to be founded now on the idea that it’s all about me. No, not the selfish type of Ayn Rand ideal where the individual fights to fulfill one’s goals through capitalism and the intense self-interest to achieve all that one can in their lifetime. America has become a nation which says “I don’t want to work that hard,” so we issue Electronic Benefits Cards (EBTs) which are essentially credit cards that are paid for by the workers and creators of this nation to ‘equalize’ the economic playing field.

How bad is it?

45% of American households do not pay any income tax.

Roughly 20% of the U.S. population receives some sort of welfare or public assistance.

– 14.9% of all disabled workers are now receiving permanent Social Security Disability Payments (not counting other welfare assistance- Source: Social Security Administration)


And those statistics above do not include illegal aliens receiving benefits of any sort.

Think those stats are bad? The number of disabled parking permits has soared, which of course puts a strain on business as they have to build more accommodations to serve these individuals even if they are healthy except for a diagnosis of “extreme obesity.” To make matters even more aggravating, these same tubs of lard think it’s great that my insurance rates have quadrupled since Obamcare has become the law of the land and that I should help “them” pay for their higher rates because they can not help it that they are fat, gay, gender misidentified, a mentally ill  alleged Native American Senator from Massachusetts, an illegal alien with tropical disease, old smoker with cancer, young dope smoker with cancer, racially oppressed, or economically deprived because I work too hard and they don’t feel like it because playing Guitar Hero should be a career good enough for this nation.

Of course the special snowflakes don’t end with welfare and disability abuse. The United States now has to accommodate those with mental health issues as by a living example, the city of Sarasota has become a jungle of beggars, doped out teenage losers, and smelly homeless bums who only want to raise enough money to get that next high instead of working for a living. Add to that problem the ACLU helping these waste cases claiming they are mentally handicapped have some strange “right” to infringe on my liberties to conduct commerce without obstruction or harassment and one has to wonder how much worse can it get?

Much worse.

The government, and by such I mean both political parties, have created this mythical entitlement that illegal aliens should be allowed to use public schools without paying for them, receive welfare even if they can not legally obtain the benefits so they use a falsified or stolen Social Security number, and now the right to vote even though the U.S. Constitution strictly forbids that. Of course American’s have expressed their outrage by eating a box of Girl Scout cookies and driving their Hoverounds over to the nearest Donald Trump rally while screaming rabid approval as they spit cookie crumbs all over the person sitting in front of them.

My grandmothers, God rest their souls, lived to the ripe old ages of 94 and 99. To the day they died, they never used a Hoveround. In fact one of my grandmothers who started smoking at age 19 behind her father’s barn in secret smoked right up to the week before she died of old age and guess what? No Hoveround, no electric wheelchairs, and no government welfare until she was forced by her insurance company to take Medicare thanks to the Federal Government changing the rules in the 1990’s. My other late grandmother only used a walker in her latter days of life and once again, worked her butt off along with their late husbands and did not want to be a burden on the next generation.

Does anyone honestly think these dope smoke, booze swilling millennials and now retiring pill-popping baby boomers who think we the producers OWE them a better lifestyle give a crap about illegals, tax dollars, or how much more we have to work to pay their bills? Does anyone really think that any minority de jour, you know the transgendered Native American with African American slave roots who has grey eyes, buck teeth, and quit school at age 17 because they went on a journey to find their inner selves by smoking legal marijuana in Colorado thinks they will drop their “right” to take from you and by extension your tax dollars?

America has become a nation of fat, lazy, ghoulish slobs, willing to put more emphasis on Hollywood fads, whatever crap the mainstream media promotes in news or entertainment, or the creation of fictional rights or religious perspectives for the express purposes of extracting more money from the producers and re-allocating it to the non-productive members of our society. Worse, they think it is their right to get fat and overweight using those monies to the point where their thighs flap in the wind and their ass cheeks engulf the seats of their precious electric wheelchairs of entitlement into the local big box retailer or favorite fast food joint.

If George Washington or Thomas Jefferson had a chance to travel forward in time and see what we have become in this era before May of 1776, they would have given a Trumpian response and said “fuck this, let’s keep the British in charge.”

Sadly, it’s too late to reverse the damage, only mitigate it unless the big nasty reset button is hit. This country must be allowed to crash economically, just like 1893 or 1920, or we will become a large freak show combination of the United Kingdom, France, and the Nordic nations with more regulations, more political correctness, and a complete reconstruction of our Constitution to be completed by un-elected jurists in black robes with no recourse by the people. The systemic flush must be total and complete to save this nation but God help us if a circus clown or neo-Marxist Queen is elected as our next President to oversea the new economic emergence after such a depression as it might be worse for our country than it is currently!

America is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave.

It is now the land of the entitled.

Welcome to Hovermerica.

Now get your fat ass through the express lane and remember, you are only allowed 10 items or less.

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