A Short Movie about Capitalism: “I Pencil” (VIDEO)

by John Galt March 21, 2015 19:10 ET I wish to thank Mark Levin for reminding me about this short video which is one of the best explanations of how modern capitalism, not Hooverism has caused not just an evolution, but revolution in the world, enabling the economies of the world to expand via competition; until governments mar that path with protectionism and phony exclusionary trade deals.

The Truth about Putin’s Withdrawal from Syria

by John Galt March 21, 2015 04:00 ET THERE is this myth, propagated by the Western media that when Russia engages in an activity which seems counter to prior statements or actions that it is a sign of weakness or incoherent strategic goals. Sadly for the West and the new generation of so-called “Russian” experts, this is the farthest thing from the truth. At the liberal website Slate, the ‘expert’ speculated that it was due to Assad’s intransigence and the financial cost of the operations in Syria. That of course is…

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