03.27 Syrian Army Retakes Palmyra Expands Control of Area Around Hama (VIDEOS)

by John Galt
March 27, 2016 10:25

Sunday March 27, 2016 might indeed be a turning point in the war against ISIS in the vast Middle East ground war.


The first video from Palmyra with some of the fighting over the last 24 hours illustrates the destruction which has occurred within the city (via Al-Masdar News):

And more video via YouTube:

Finally, footage allegedly shot today, of what is left of ancient Palmyra after ISIS evacuated the city and the destruction left behind (via Al-Masdar News):

The defeat was a stunning loss for ISIS as this strategic city now allows the SAA to finish operations in the town of Al-Qaryatyn against ISIS to open the Damascus-Palmyra highway for the first time in many years. This morning per Al-Masdar News, forces are now being shifted out of Palmyra towards that front to remove the remaining ISIS forces from that city. The latest map update demonstrates the solid consolidation of this victory over ISIS:


According to a report from the Lebanese newspaper the Daily Star, the fighting was a crushing defeat for ISIS:

Observatory director Rami Abdulrahman said 400 ISIS fighters died in the battle for Palmyra, which he described as the biggest single defeat for the group since it declared a caliphate in areas of Syria and Iraq under its control in 2014.

The loss of Palmyra comes three months after ISIS fighters were driven out of the city of Ramadi in neighboring Iraq, the first major victory for Iraq’s army since it collapsed in the face of an assault by the militants in June 2014.

Meanwhile in Hama province, elements of the SAA 11th Tank Division continued to march into the countryside destroying more ISIS forces (via Al-Masdar News):

On Saturday afternoon in the eastern countryside of the Hama Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army’s 66th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division – backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) – launched a powerful assault inside the Al-Salamiyah District’s east sector, capturing several sites from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) near the Al-Raqqa Governorate border.

The Syrian Armed Forces began the day by liberating the strategic hilltop of Tulaal Al-Hamkah and its nearby checkpoint, killing and wounding over 25 enemy combatants after destroying ISIL’s machine gun nest. According to a military source inside the city of Al-Salamiyah, Tulaal Al-Hamkah is located just 12 km east of the strategic village of Tal Toot; its proximity to the ISIL stronghold of ‘Aqayrbat makes it an imperative military endeavor for the Syrian Army’s Central Command.

Add into this battle the role of Russian air and special forces and one begins to realize that whatever disintegration the pro-Saudi/Western forces had hoped for within the Syrian Arab Army might well be a pipe dream as the consolidation of territory in Homs and around Damascus against ISIS will only leave the SAA in a stronger position to take out the pro-Western terrorists who currently are enjoying a reprieve during the ceasefire.

Stay tuned as while America enjoys a holiday, the real war against ISIS continues, with little if any help from the Obama regime.

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