Meanwhile the Ukrainian Military Continues Attacks in Donbass on Easter Sunday (VIDEOS)

by John Galt
March 27, 2016 13:10 ET

The Ukrainian military and its pro-Nazi militias continue to violate the Minsk Ceasefire Agreements with attacks on the rebel forces inside the Donbass region. Even on Easter Sunday, there is no peace for the residents of the areas near Donetsk as the Ukrainian military attacked a vital crossroads just north of the city of Donetsk by the Yasinovatskiy industrial area. Videos of the shelling along with the sounds of the conflict demonstrate that this is no false claim by the rebels:

This map indicates the origins of the mortar and artillery attacks and the direction from where the Ukrainian military has been launching assaults for the past 24 hours:


Of course the OSCE and NATO have no comment as they need a new flare up in the Donbass to offset the humiliating defeat pro-Western terrorists have suffered in Syria with Russian military assistance.

To make matters worse, evidence of a Ukrainian military buildup south of the city of Donetsk near Dokuchaevsk was released on Saturday (via LiveLeak):

The Donbass News(DNI) also has a report on the buildup and attacks against DNR positions in the region:

The map below highlights the area where the Ukrainian armored forces are believed to be staging for a pending assault on the town:


With everything that has been happening in the past month, it would appear that President Obama is going to re-launch the Ukrainian gambit again in an attempt to humiliate Putin and put the Russian military back in it’s box. Of course the idea that the pro-NATO forces in the Ukraine are so dilapidated and weak and could lose in a humiliating matter never crosses the minds of those in charge in Brussels because it is not their soldiers that will be sacrificed to further George Soros’ and Obama’s foreign policy objectives.

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